The Double Champions (You Better Read This)

Late in coming post. But who cares. A tribute to the red army.

We gathered in Rasta for the match of the year. And it turn out to be a hell of a one.

This comes in the 50th anniversary wake of the Munich disaster and the 10th anniversary since the 1999 triumpth. All three typifies of the spirit in United. Determination, never giving in and bouncing back.

Some pictures to sum up my feelings and the match.

Ronaldo gets things going with a beautiful floating header right into Petr Cechs' corner. His 42nd for the season. 1-0 to United.

The celebrations. Look out for Sara with errr.....

Scholes gets bloodied for United.

And Drogba loses his head in the aeriel challenge against Vidic. This was to be the norm throughout the match.

Lamps scores with a lucky shot. That's the only way they score em anyway.

Ken's balls dropped twice.

Drogba gets pushy-pushy.

And gets reddy-reddy.

Ronaldo misses THAT penalty.

And Terry goes on to slip when it mattered most.

To be honest, I really have a lot of respect for John Terry. I just hope he wins something big with England soon. But not with Chelsea.

Anelka's turn to miss THAT penalty.

The celebrations. I was too busy standing on a chair in Rasta bawling my lungs out to pay any attention during that time.

It was CHAOS in Rasta.

Worthy champions.

The maestro.

Nemanja Vidic. One of the unsung heroes this season. Absolutely brilliant all season and spot on.

Try focusing on the shirt. Not that face.

This match had everything a footie fan could hope for : Penalties, red card, blood, conflicts, near misses, off-the-post, you name it.

Like what Sir Alex said in 1999: "Football, bloody hell.

It's moments like these man. That's football.

To those one angled people who only see football as 22 men chasing after a ball, you don't know what you're missing. Get a life.



Marie Digby

I was eyeing that Vox the whole time.

Little Kim who vowed the audience.

Gibson DOES make beautiful acoustics.

Joe, this pic's for you.

Stop and stare... That's me by the way.

Not very good pictures this time round. Too far back. But I did my best! :p

And I can't believe I bought the cd just to catch a glimpse of her face in person.



Freedom Fest 08

Lone rangers Tim, Amy and Ken walking the incredible distance to Admiral Marina.

At the drive in.

Vinn get things rolling at the dB arena.

Hopping over to DimenXion. Pretty good retro stuff going on.

Main stage for Cosmic Gate.

The slowly increasing crowd. When it was time for Tiesto, it was packed to the brim.

Cosmic Gate. Truth be told, I preferred them over Tiesto.

Lightings were awesome that night.

MetalRob. Full metal robotic gears decked with special effects.

Laser lighting.

Speak of the devil...

Anticipating the emergence of the main draw.

And he comes on with a bang.

Gotta love the effects! That is Tiesto with his deck.

This picture I think is my fav for the night.


From the back before we decided to call it a night.

For some, Freedom Festival truly brings out the freedom spirit in them. As Ken said, it was a sausage fest. Heh heh

We retired early before Tiesto ended his set. I was having severe cramp in my stomach (Lesson learnt : Take your dinner before any rave)

And it was the long (or short for Ken's driving) trip back to seremban where we crashed over at Tim's for the night.

At any rate, it was probably good we cleared before Mr. MB came for a visit.