So semester 2 is done with. Pretty mucked up. And I shall leave it at that.

Till next sem. I promise.


Give Me Liberty Or Give Me...

Monday is the day of liberation. Sort of. This sem went by real fast la. Couldn't take it all in. All I knew is that I did plenty of writing (Not complaining. Writing's cool. But takes inspiration. Read here) plus that IPD (or IDP whatever la) subject. Once again, my inability of using photoshop is cruelly exposed. (A must learn for me this coming break).

I've updated my Allies links.

That's all I guess! Will update soon on last week's church camp. Had a blast there. 3 days is too short la.



Quite A Few Words Ahead...

Before anything, some pictures I took from my room: Of the moon. Haha. Yea, woke up suddenly in the
dead of the night and saw that the moon was looking extra huge. And I mean extra HUGE. The actual size
is twice of what you're seeing in this pictures.

Saajaa lah, some random pictures to make up for my lack of updates.

And I went for Hillsong United. Yeah, I know I told practically the whole world I was not going but last minute change of plans la. Thanks to Lydia. Couldn't get a buyer for her so took it instead. Might as well
not let it go to waste aite? (Remind me to pay up the next time I see you. :p) I was really certain that it
was no accident that I was going at the eleventh hour. I was expecting something from the night.

My first time listening to the band that revolutionise the way I approach worship and guitars. I would
never forget the images of Marcus Beaumont rocking out on the acoustic on the set
'To The Ends Of The Earth' 6 years ago.

Joel Houston worship led with a few regulars band members from the Hillsong and United series plus a
few I didn't recognise. And they sounded surreal. It was almost exactly as it is in the albums. But
I guess that's the way it is when you're been practically touring the whole earth.

Was particularly stirred by the song 'Mighty To Save'. When the band started to play it, I just started crying.
I was thinking to myself: "Why is it always so hard to do what's right in the sight of the Lord." "Why am I
always struggling with my carnal self?" "It seems so simple: Just follow the Bible, yet it is way easier to say than do."

All pictures before the start. No recording allowed during the concert.

A Gibby and Tele I think.


I was wondering throughout the concert whether the drummer could see the drum set properly with all the
lights around him.


I guess through life, you just gotta count on His grace and mercy while keeping faith and doing your
utmost best to follow after Him.

Still, had a great time, managed to meet up with a few YESians, hugged Gurkha (Daniel) till the strapping of
my bag broke and generally enjoyed it all.

So I had my very first church camp with my kl church Hosanna Praise Assembly (HPA) over at Genting
View Resort. Brought my cam along but didn't take much. The youths had a kopitiam style cafe for the congregation after night meetings to raise money for the orphanage we're planning to visit in July. Pretty tiring work to be honest, but nothing beats the fellowship and the Cause we're working for! :)

What I liked bout this resort is that they had pretty decent sports facilities. Indoor and oudoor futsal pitch, tennis courts, badminton courts and swimming pool. Had a go at badminton and indoor futsal and my legs still hurt! Thanks to the futsal la. Dah la lama tak main futsal.

The dorm where the majority of the boys bunk in.