Why La And Macam Ini La

Quick update. I have tons of news and photos to post but my laptop is now in service for a week which isn't a good thing considering I have 2 assignments due next week.

Hopefully by next week everything will be up and running and I'l be able to post something decent up.

Till then, cheers and watch your diets.


I Need To Learn Extra Technology

Good grief. Procrastination is such a tempting prospect. Especially when you're back home, in the full comforts of it.

I have a PR essay due next week and I know that I have to get it done soon
or else it's gonna be another week of contractions for me. 
There's a vast difference between last minute work and a
well constructed one.

So, just a few updates here:

- I'm back home. Which means there's Internet and good food.
- PC fair is on too. I badly need to get an external hard drive. Too many files, too little space.
- Cousins are back! Which means extra entertainment for me.
- Man United is playing Arsenal on sunday. Which means the gooners are getting their arse kick again.

Tootles for now people.


All Systems Go !

I finally have the chance to post this pictures up. Still no internet in my unit. I need to get one of those 3G,4G,5G whatever internet service soon.

We took this when I went back home for the Easter hols. Hadn't played with Taleeb since forever. That guy still has some mean chops on the drums! I reckon Amir and his cuz Alif did a pretty good job on the pics don't ya think? I need to learn Photoshop soon man.

We used to be a threesome (Now, now, no dirty ideas here...) Got Alif in on bass and he fitted in pretty well; Considering he just started on it.

Hero of the day, Taleeb. Kena accident tapi masih semangat gila. I thought he was going to resort to Meg White kind of chops but he still managed to put that knee to good use.

This is a good pic. Pity Alif is hidden.

Makes you wonder. Was this a jamming or photo session? ;)

Now you know which guitars we're going to sponsor in the future. Tip: Read my shirt.

Didn't work the first time.

Neither did the second.

Picture of the year.