Woohoooo! I'm back! :) After a loooong period of absence due mainly to the author's part of lack of motivation!

Ok, first of all, updates! I'm now back in lovely sunny Muar for my sem break. The initial plan was for me to return for a week and then head back up to kl for job hunting. But apparently mum now wants me to find a job here in Muar, (which I've yet to do) so I'm stuck here, lazing the hours away, spending time on sleep and the internet more than ever before! Other than a few trips up to malacca, I've been slacking my butt off. I guess that being in Muar kinda slows you down a little, compared to the life in kl. It's the food in Muar I'm telling you...you KL people ain't tasted great food before you feasted your tastebuds on Muar's food! That's right!

Advertising purposes aside, I still may have to go up there again in 2 days time. My five books that I so high handedly and motivationally borrowed from Taylors library is due. And I thought I could finish all of them( I haven't finish even one either). I think Taylors charges RM 0.50 a day for a single book. So you can imagine the 
HUGE fines that's staring at me down my face! Besides, I'm running out of clothes to wear(almost my whole wardrobe is up there) and I left my beloved Strat there! I'm missing it like nuts! What else do ya expect when one is separated from a loved one for too long. =P

There's a guitar fest in KL too in early December so I'm hoping to attend at least one of the concerts if afforded the time and money. The lineup sounds exciting even though it learns more towards the acoustic side. Check it out here.

The only thing I'm doing right for now is that I'm brushing up the technical side of my guitar playing, I didn't have the time and to be honest, motivation to really practice throughout the whole semester. But no fear! Thanks be to Jazz! Guitarist such as Paul Jackson Jr and Ronny Jordan are inspiring me to look at the guitar at a different perspective and angle. Jazz is tough stuff but everything is at the beginning right? Btw, check them out on Youtube or whatever if you have the time. :)

I've embedded two Youtube videos. One shows one of my favourite guitarist Paul Jackson Jr in action playing an intrumental cover of Keith Sweat's song 'Make It last Forever' and another is a cover of the Jimi Hendrix song 'Little Wing' by the late Blues legend Stevie Ray Vaughn(RIP). 
Definitely the best ever 'Little Wing' cover out there. This video is of a guy
covering SRV's version and he does an amazing job of it. So I'll be posting it here as SRV's 

performances for 'Little Wing' on Youtube doesn't really capture the spirit of the song as he did it on the album. I'm trying real hard to master it and at this rate, it's gonna take me my whole break to do so!

Ok! That's all for now folks!Cheers!


You Are an Emo Rocker!

Expressive and deep, lyrics are really your thing.
That doesn't mean you don't rock out...
You just rock out with meaning.
For you, rock is more about connecting than grandstanding.


First there was one. Then two entered the foray and began grabbing the eye and imagination of the Malaysian public. Such is the attention afforded that it's 'normal' for one to wait up to 25 minutes to grab one.

What am I talking about?

The first invasion.

Then the donut revolution hits Malaysia. Hard. Twice in succession.
The NEXT big thing to hit Malaysia?

Wooooo.....sure hope so.        

Which do
YOU prefer???


Arsenal's draw with ManUtd. The highlights direct from Emirates Stadium..opps...I mean msn 

Oh. And mind the language. No mincing of words when it comes to football.

Tim and Bee's pre match analysis.

Just before half time, the Roonster scores a scrappy goal. But none of us cares, as long as it gets in. ManUtd 1 - ARSEnal 0.

Second half begins. Arsenal almost immediately grabs a goal through Mr prodigy-at Arsenal Cesc Frabregas. Nothing to shout about. Just a lax in defensive duties for the Reds.

THEN, Mr prodigy-at ManUtd Christiano Ronaldo scores in the 82th minute. Brilliant play by substitute Louis Saha who slids a killer pass for Evra to cross and Ronaldo to slot the ball home.

But then Rohini had to say a Jinx.

Soon after posting "I hope arsenal doesn't do anything", Gallas the gooner guides the ball home in injury time to hand Arsenal the spoils. 2-2. Dang.

Ro, Ro, Ro.

Comments came thick and fast.

Tim had a lot to share. A whole bloody lot.

We were in the mist of our final assignments. Coincidently doing an essay on Moral Panic.

On a side note.

A tribute to Li Ling and her balls.

Oh, and to all my Indian friends out there,
A VERY HAPPY DEEPAVALI!! Have a good one. ;P

It's absolutely thundering over at Ridz with all the fireworks blasting about. Reminds me of CNY. Raya this year was unexpectedly quiet.

Anyway, I could live with it. In fact, it sounds good.



It's Over!! (Lai, 2007)

Yes....4 months of hols just staring at me.....4 months!! Insane!! And they say life is unfair...hah..

Here are some memorable lines taken mostly from the night before due date.

The final leg....the final leg.....perservere Joash.....another 6 more hours and it'll be all over.....

5000 words dwindling to almost nothing. Now for the citations.

I hate that part.


How the heck did I manage to forget Assign IT?! Damn.

Is it just me or do I just look slow ever since my brilliant calculation on Wednesday?

I'm feeling just pissed and am in one of my self evaluation mood. I know it's late (or early) in the morning and I should at least be doing my ML and SPS essay but I'm just freakin agitated la.

Now I have to go to my Lecturers on Monday morning to clarify the fact that I handed in my report and essay late to assign IT. Even though the hard copy has been handed up on time, but at the end of the day, these facts needs to be clarified and that's what I have to do on monday. Sigh. Just hope our UNISA counterpart would keep their hands off my work till monday.

Moving on to the essays on hand. Tomorrow's saturday and I have no choice but to focus my entire effort towards the ML essay. That I know I can do because I already have the ground work on it.

It is SPS essay that's bugging me. We need a minimum of 10 references but the books on race are all distributed among my discussion group. I dunno when we 'll have the time to discuss every one of em. Everyone would be stressed out on saturday and sunday is definitely out as all would be surging through the final leg of the essays. Tell me how to discuss la.

2 essays in 2 bloody days. Great. 5000 words. No problem with the words there, it's the references that I'm worried about. Especially SPS.

I can't stand to procrastinate any longer. If there's one flaw in me, that's procrastination. That's me, always believing that there's time, when there isn't much left. Wednesday's incident is a wake up call to me. I hope. Joash, you better be hearing this loud and clear. Be wise ok?

I now need to work. And work I shall. And must.