How the heck did I manage to forget Assign IT?! Damn.

Is it just me or do I just look slow ever since my brilliant calculation on Wednesday?

I'm feeling just pissed and am in one of my self evaluation mood. I know it's late (or early) in the morning and I should at least be doing my ML and SPS essay but I'm just freakin agitated la.

Now I have to go to my Lecturers on Monday morning to clarify the fact that I handed in my report and essay late to assign IT. Even though the hard copy has been handed up on time, but at the end of the day, these facts needs to be clarified and that's what I have to do on monday. Sigh. Just hope our UNISA counterpart would keep their hands off my work till monday.

Moving on to the essays on hand. Tomorrow's saturday and I have no choice but to focus my entire effort towards the ML essay. That I know I can do because I already have the ground work on it.

It is SPS essay that's bugging me. We need a minimum of 10 references but the books on race are all distributed among my discussion group. I dunno when we 'll have the time to discuss every one of em. Everyone would be stressed out on saturday and sunday is definitely out as all would be surging through the final leg of the essays. Tell me how to discuss la.

2 essays in 2 bloody days. Great. 5000 words. No problem with the words there, it's the references that I'm worried about. Especially SPS.

I can't stand to procrastinate any longer. If there's one flaw in me, that's procrastination. That's me, always believing that there's time, when there isn't much left. Wednesday's incident is a wake up call to me. I hope. Joash, you better be hearing this loud and clear. Be wise ok?

I now need to work. And work I shall. And must.

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