I'm currently on hols with my family and relatives at Sunway resort. I've bought :

-Element T shirt

- Zero hour T shirt (I thought it was RM 20, but it turned out to be Rm 39.90. There goes my Carrie Underwood CD)

- John Mayer Continuum album

I skated for the first time today. Was a noob of course. Fell down hard several time. Me wrist and butt still hurts.

It seems Bentley's has new stock in. Tried out the mexican tele and 60's strat. I LOVE the tele ! Love the dry bright sound !

The guys behind me in the cyber cafe can't stop cursing.....What's so nice about dota anyway?


Tm stevens. Absolute legend. With the attitude to go with it.



Jia Xi went up first to perform his solo number Canon In D as My amp went faulty. Bah!

That's Jia xi. Nice Ibanez too.

Me sticking my butt where it did not belong.

Finally, we could get on with our songs. We did covers of When You Say Nothing At All and Wonderful Tonight. Jared played the drums. That's his half hidden head, if you're wondering.


Special thanks to Lynn for inviting us. It's just too bad you couldn't perform with us. Next time maybe?


Yesterday's work was fulfilling. In my perspective at least. Only 2 person on stage. Yi chen on guitar and a girl i didn't recognize. They played the most english covers that night. They had a good understanding on stage. Most had a contemporary jazz feel notably due to yi chen's playing. Ahhh..... if only every night had this kind of music. Without realising it, the time flew past. Fast. See, what happens when you have quality music. In some instances, i even had to concentrate hard on the customers to avoid getting meself carried away by the music.

To that singer : Come back more often!


It's been a hectic few days. I haven't been blogging. Pardon me.

Friday : Received a call around 9.40 am from star saying that i've got the scholarship. I was still asleep btw. They wanted me to head up to menara star on saturday to collect the contract and for a briefing. That leaves me with only one day to consider the offer. I've decided to go for it. I pray that the Lord will continue to guide my path.

Saturday : I'll be majoring in media management It's a 3+0 course at Taylor's PJ. The degree is from the University of
South Australia. Went to menara star. It was supposed to start at 10 am but only began at 10.20. Malaysian time i presume?haha. According to the officer, only around 322 students were successful out of the 4200+ - who applied. Met up with a few muarians. Carol, William and joyce. I couldn't locate my fellow interviewees from thursday. I'd been hoping to meet up with them.
I later went for a short shopping stint at Subang Parade. Yamaha didn't allow me to try out their guitars! heh. Saying their students were having classes. Wandered around aimlessly. Went to Rock Corner where i bought 2 cds. What can i say? BB king is a legend. The other is a personalize CD from www.mymixstation.com I basically just have to choose the songs that i want from its website. Each song costs Rm 2.95. And it's LEGAL. So basically, it's the same as i-tunes. i decided to pick the Best of 1990-2000 by U2. I copied the WHOLE album. Cost me RM 35.40 but believe me, it's a steal considering it's an U2 album.

P/S : Christine, have you bought my penny tai album from carrefour? And better hurry for your switchfoot. Only 1 there.

Sunday : HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY ! Love you mum.

I'm now trying to find accommodation preferably around SS15. Anyone able to help?


The pc is down AGAIN. there's this irritating error that keeps coming up; something along the lines like " win32, terminate program, debug".....whatever. Jasher if you're reading this, HELP!

I've just been looking through some blogs and i've realised that yours truly isn't one who update regularly. This serves as a reminder. Maybe i'm suffering from post-blogger excitement-nothing much happening-bored syndrome. Release thyself from this! I WILL...

Have finished my interview today. Things went well minus a few glitches. Praise God.


ManUtd 1 - 0 Man city

Arsenal 1 - 1 Chelsea






I've recently bought U2's 18. A good hear definitely. I previously nursed the ambition of collecting all their albums. But being rather late in hearing their music, I figure it would take a fortune to amass it all. So, i will be getting their other 2 greatest hits albums first. The others have to wait.