This tugging in my heart, the myriads and compounding feelings that I have right now is simple overwhelming.

Think with your mind, and not with your heart; there is a saying.

But at this instance, in this moment of time, the reflections of the substance between us is just so real, so intricate. How can I choose to ignore that?

I can't.

But it's better to face it now than to keep matters in the shades.

On my part, I feel like a rat. That much I can tell you.

It pains me more than it ever did before. It really does.

But I refuse to give up. or in.

Oh, Lord.


What's going through your mind?


Today's an almost surreal day. First news that greeted me was the shocking and tragic death of the King of Pop, MJ. 

My reaction?


Not the what, what, but the Chris Rock/Tucker (cann't tell the difference between the both of them) kinda Whaaaat?!

Anyway, been following the news, and all major news wires are showcasing the man and his legend. And it's a nice touch on the part of our local radio stations to do a tribute.

It's funny how all the accolates pour in once someone passes away given that MJ has been receiving a fair amount of stick from few parties before his death (and after it as well I'm sure).

Anyway, it's been pretty shocking to know that one of music's most iconic and cross cultural artist has died. And needless to say the masses of people he has inspired throughout his life, no matter how weird some of his behaviour may have been. At the end of the day, in terms of talent, artistry and entertainment, Michael is among the top of the order.

I like what the ever reflective John Mayer said on his Twitter site.

"I truly hope he is memorialized as the '83 moonwalking, MTV owning, mesmerizing, unstoppable, invincible Michael Jackson."

Twitter seems rather cool. weird.

And I thought no news could surpassed Murray's masterclass drubbing of Gulbis at Wimby.

Moving on to better news. Malaysia is about to host an ATP 250 level tournament!

And given the lineup, it promises to be pretty exciting!

Davydenko, Nikolay
Ferrer, David
Gonzalez, Fernando
Monfils, Gael
Nishikori, Kei
Soderling, Robin
Verdasco, Fernando


Especially Ferru! That guy's a fighter on the court. And I know a certain someone would be anticipating her Swedish meatball. ;)

Click here for more info.

It's apt to end with this. Inspirational.


Murray, Gulbis. Tantalising.

Hot off the press.

Expect sparks in their second round matchup!



Wimbledon begins today! From the 22 June till 5 July, expect tennis fans from all around to be glued to the telly as we witness the most significant and steeped in tradition tournament.

Fed begins his conquest against Taiwan's Lu Yen-Hsun at Centre Court with this being the latter's first time playing at the esteemed court.

Yen-Hsun himself having a story to tell of. Click here to read it all from ATP's Deuce Mag.

So will this be the place where Rog will achieve his unprecedented 15th Grand Slam? 

Montage taken from HC Foo's tennis blog.

Here are some pictures of both Marat and Roger preparing for the tournament. Maybe a repeat of last year's semis? I hope!

Taken off Wimbledon's FB page. Be a fan! 

And with me back in Muar, Astro is no longer an illusion.

Some key matches I will be looking out for:

Yen-Hsun Lu(TPE) v. Roger Federer(SUI) [2]

Daniela Hantuchova(SVK) v. Laura Robson(GBR)

Evgeny Korolev(RUS) v. Igor Andreev(RUS)[29] (Plenty of hard-hitting here)

Check out Wimbledon's official site for the latest in draws and updates.

So let Wimby begin!


How is it that I managed to draw my tennis partner in the first round?!




Ok, half time here from assignments.

Here's what I've gotten as a result of my research for my feature story.

Spot the difference. This is taken from wiki yo!

Funny? no? Apparently ESPN had to apologise to the FAM for using the wrong logo during a live telephone call to FAM secretary-general Datuk Azzuddin Ahmad on Sportscenter Asia.

Seems like the staff from Sportscenter Asia got hold of the wrong one. News taken from -  Click

Nonetheless, it's pretty hilarious!


1st Week

Hello, hello! This blog is morphing into a sports blog I dare say. I'll post something more personal when I get my first dog or car. See how la yea? Anyways,

The biggest shocker of the week (Sorry, it's not the loss of Susan Boyle) would definitely be the defeat of Rafa to Swede Robin Soderling.

The score of 6-2, 6-7, 6-4, 7-6 certainly doesn't help Rafa's cause. His first defeat on the Parisian courts and thus ending his record 31 match-winning streak.

Nadal must be feeling a bit peeved. Looking at the history between these two players. You gotta check this video out!


And it doesn't stop there, our reigning lady champion is knocked out as well.

Ana Ivanovic is shown the exit by No.9 seed Victoria Azarenka. The 6-2, 6-3 scoreline says it all about the former World No.1 whose decline is ever evident since her victory one year ago on French clay.

Other upsets would be the Nole Djoker's loss to German No.29 seed Philipp Kohlschreiber.

And of course Mr.Safin himself. I was following his match with French wildcard Josselin Ouanna with interest. Ouanna another talented French teenager who posseses a good forehand. 

The final bow for Safin? Click.

And 'The Magician' Fabrice Santoro waves goodbye to the French crowd after a record-equalling 20 straight French Open appearances.

All in all, Fed Ex is in with a realistic chance of getting his career Grand Slam. Allez Roger!

And here comes Week two..

All pictures © FFT


Roland Garros Preview

Hold on to your seats lads, Roland Garros is only 3 days away!

To those of you fortunate enough to have Astro, be thankful for what you have! You have no idea..

Tune in to the additional sports channel 816 provided by your lovely neighbourhood Astro for the latest in tennis action.

The French Open runs from May 24th all the way to June 7th.

My predictions: Nadal and Safina (or either of the Williams sisters).

Now, fun's over. Back to assignments...



Click on the banner for a larger view. Taken off the official website.

A sign of things to come for Fed?

*There's Only One United*


Sepang Boredom

Click here for more Sepang videos and Jamiroquai's opening.




In a little less than 12 hours...


This Just In...

You would think April the 3rd would be a good day for an April fool's joke.

On a light-hearted note, viewers were taken aback by what Youtube had to offer. That's why they remain the video-sharing site to beat. Click on the images to enlarge. Brilliant I must say.

And our Fed Ex has smashed a racquet! :o 

If it was Mr.Safin or Gonzo or even A-Rod, it woudn't have mattered much. But coming from him?! Now THAT's news. It's unheard of or rather unseen of to see Fed doing this. If it was before the 2003 season, it wouldn't have come as a surprise. But not so now.

Guess the pressure is starting to get to him. What with a new baby, Nadal and the young pretenders snapping at his heels. Not to mention it was an error against Nole that caused it. Gah.

But all's good. If anything, it's rather refreshing to see him actually show some fiesty emotion on the court.

Check it out.

The tossing bottles are just the icing on the cake.

And the clay courts are next. Ohhh boy.

09's tennis season is gonna be the best yet.

F1 qualifiying is today. I'm hoping for sunny skies. Will post up pictures if possible.

Expect a few more posts in the coming days. 



Tabur, Tabur..

So I went to Bukit Tabur. Being set smack in between construction works and the like and nature in its raw beauty, it was a sight to behold.

Go for it! With plenty of exercise in store, good company and nature all around you, what could be better?

Just a few pictures to whet your appetite (:

The better quality pics are from Ivan. Me only use mobile la.

Having breakfast. Yeah.

Ivan with his D80.

The boys taking a breather.

Seriously, you would not want to take this plunge. A sheer drop. Nice shoes there eh? You should see it now. With mud on it and some parts peeling off ):

One of the few cliffs we had to cross. So you get the idea la. hahah.

Took this at one of the summits. Its amazing to find such a delicate thing of beauty in the mist of sand and grub.

Apparently the festivities were held up here as well.

Sean and his sexy leg(s).


Sorry ah, last picture not clear. Scaled it down A LOT.

Seriously, go for it guys. It's worth the trip.

And I just found out Jamiroquai is coming to the circuit! Aww man! Should I go for it? Someone pleeease convince me to go!