This tugging in my heart, the myriads and compounding feelings that I have right now is simple overwhelming.

Think with your mind, and not with your heart; there is a saying.

But at this instance, in this moment of time, the reflections of the substance between us is just so real, so intricate. How can I choose to ignore that?

I can't.

But it's better to face it now than to keep matters in the shades.

On my part, I feel like a rat. That much I can tell you.

It pains me more than it ever did before. It really does.

But I refuse to give up. or in.

Oh, Lord.


B3's said...

Cheer up! Rat or not, you're what God wants you to be.
And we all know that He's a God that never makes a single mistake ;)
So, keep it up with Him k?!

michelle said...

go, jo, go! :)

and the trepidation sounds familiar, but don't worry too much - love should never make you feel like a rat. all the best!

Ronnie said...

nice explanation of your feelings. don't wana say much here and sound all preachy when i noe nothing of the real issue..but wana say that you're a genuinely good guy. the decisions you make are rational and only you can get yourself out of this situation.

but i'm here for you jo..not only if you wana share..but even if you don't and just want company.

lets go cuti cuti malaysia aite and have some fun together :) hugs jo.

GeetaAriani said...

everything's gonna be alright. it's not your fault. life doesn't always go your way, but at the end of the day life can only be lived forward. so, just try to forget it, get over hurt feelings and move forward. i know you're a good guy, jo..you're not a rat at all (lol). it's just someone doesn't know what love really is and forces somebody else to love like duh.

it's ok, i can always lend an ear if you have any problems. so Melaka ahead? and pool? can't wait! like ro said, let's have fun! ;P

Joash Wee said...

Beatrice: I have. and will. thanks :)

Mich: Thanks (=

Ro: And likewise Ro. but if you ever you beat me in pool, then....haha, but seriously, thanks, i really appreciate it. And I'm holding on to your word of the cuti2 part yea. Graduation trip!

Ge: you're right, life is always in forward mode. and that's the beauty of it. And that someone knows indeed what love is. And I do too.
Thanks, Ge. I'm game for either. or both. yes, both la. haha. make sure the malacca trip turns into reality ok. :p