Today's my last day at Halo Cafe. I've learned to harmonise better through listening to some of the singers. (:

Halo's been a good experience. Definitely the main up of working there is to be able to hear live music. And i seriously r-e-s-p-e-c-t Yi zhen for his guitar playing!The best guitarist over there. Jazz infused fingerpicking. And i really enjoyed the talks we had about music. But, there are times when you wished the singers would just keep their mouths shut and stop singing though......But overall, it's good.

My manager is a real fun guy to hang around with too. Young guy and prone to the sudden singing syndrome. Can be quite witty with his words too. But that doesn't mean he doesn't do a good job here. He can be serious when he wants to.

But i may head over there tomorrow night for photo sessions though... :p



Even though there weren't many of us that day, but we managed to have a meaningful time together.

And I didn't managed to taste the cake : (


There's two sides in me mentally right now. One side is continually questioning the Lord.

"She's only 20. A brilliant student with a bright future. A girl who looks to You and one who has faith in You."

"Why Father? At this moment of time? When she's in New Zealand, embarking into an independent world. Why did You allow her to even be there if You're gonna take her away anyway?"

Questions, questions..... It just seems sureal even when i think of it now. It just seems impossible.

Then there's the other part of me. The part which knows that God is in control no matter what. That He has blessed veron with 20 wonderful years on earth which she has blessed many. Lord, I know that even though the circumstances may say likewise, ultimately Veron has finished the race here on earth and I know that it wasn't an accident that I've gotten to know her. I know and believe that all of us who knew veron, has been and will continue to be encouraged by her short but meaningful presence here on earth.

The questions will be there, but God's love answers it all. Adding in faith and hope in the mix.

Memorial today at 8pm in GCC kuantan. I'm looking forward to meet all of my fellow bros and sis there.


I'm SHOCKED. Lord, this isn't the news i expected to receive when i'm back from work.

Veron, Rest in Peace. Give me time to gather myself together.....let me even out my thoughts.....thoughts are flying around my mind at the moment.

Why Lord? Her? At this moment of time? I can't comprehend.....I really can't.....

I'm still in a state of disbelief. Why...why....Lord....

I'm not really a guy of tears, but my heart is weeping right now.....

I don't feel fit to work tomorrow....how can such a thing happen?

Why? why? why? So many questions, yet no answers....

I guess for this moment of time, Isaiah 55 : 8-9 will comfort me and hopefully the others who reads this.

"For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways declares The Lord. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than Your thoughts (NIV)"

Veron, you'll forever be missed. Sigh......



My sis, Joy, has moved to nottingham to complete her studies in pharmacy over at Uni of Nottingham.

Nottingham is a nice place i think... but that can't be said bout their football club though...

Below are pics i took wif her at the airport.

All the best che-che ! Have a great trip there, enjoy yourself, Do well, and bring back a hunk with you next time you come back to visit ! ((:

We all love you here and will miss you lots !! ((:


Oh, and Happy Belated Father's Day to all the dads out there!

Let's start appreciating our dads for all that they have sacrificed for us!


Saturday's concert went great. Maybe the only downpoint of it was the attendance. Certainly a greater crowd was befitting for a band like Crimson Epiphany. But I believe that all who went were truly blessed by the music that night. EVERYONE i asked gave their thumbs up to the band. They sounded tight considering this is their second ever live performance together. Awesome!

Oh, and Adrian's strat was another plus point. (:

I hope to post some pictures of the night soon.

Anyone wanting to find out more bout this band can hop on to http://www.crimsonepiphany.com


Mind : Crammed. The concert this saturday, Playing for saturday and sunday, songs for sat still not confirmed, father's day coming up, and to top it all up, I'm working!!! Arrghhh....nevermind joash, your work is all for a good cause. Remember the Fender....hah....

I'm planning to get a haircut again. Hey, i'll bet for Rm 3 you would go too eh? For location details, ask me or any of the Christ Ignitors as i couldn't stop yapping bout it when i first found this place out.

An ICOM graduate, shereen will be performing at Halo this friday. She has an album out. Consisting of 10 tracks, it's not bad. Rm 19.90 only le. I'm planning to get it.

God is good. In my short 2 months at Halo, i've managed to catch a good many artists performing there. Tank, Rynn, the Muar Chinese fella, and now Shereen. Four only ? You must remember that this is MUAR. Artists don't really come running here for gigs.


CRIMSON EPIPHANY http://www.crimsonepiphany.com will be in Muar this saturday for a one night only concert! You definitely wouldn't wanna miss this awesome band!

Details as follow...



TIME : 7.30 PM



Christ Ignitors, please copy and paste this bulletin in ur blog, friendster, whatever networking sites u guys have la...Any others who wants to help advertise, please feel free to do so. Thanks...

Anyone who reads this is invited to come ! You can message me or any of the Christ Ignitors for details...

See you there!

Ok. Maybe he DID cause a lil' bit of delirium....


Lim yu zhong is coming over to Halo cafe later. The second artist to come in a week to good ol' Muar. I'm anticipating a good crowd today, but maybe not as many as tank; who caused delirium among the young girls of Muar.

Both artist's songs have been blasting in my eardrums every single time at work for almost 3 weeks, at the least. It started with Tank and Rynn (that's his english name) soon followed suit bout a week later. Honestly, I very much prefer his songs compared to tank's. Well maybe i'm being biased as jamie wilson is on guitar for quite a few of Rynn's songs. And i prefer the guitar work on his album compared to tank's. But, both albums are easy on the ears which is the norm for chinese artists. Nothing really adventurous here.

Gonna work.


Mr tank just came to halo cafe yesterday where i work. I'm not really a huge fan of him, but his songs are alright i guess. It was packed, obviously. Below are some pics my sis took. Some are lil' blur though.

Miss phoebe from My fm was the emcee for the night.

Phoebe with tank.
This is how tank looks like, for the uninitiated. I couldn't see the brand of his guitar..Grrr..I think it was a craftsman acous-elec guitar.
Tank performing one of his songs.
Lim Yu Zhong or Rynn Lim will be performing here on June 10th. I think it starts at 10pm. So, fans out there, take note.


I'm now in kuantan with me cousins. It's a long story how i even manage to get here. Went back to Muar initially from sunway. All I can say is that the Lord has created openings. Heading back to Muar tomorrow because of work.

I'm now a proud owner of an
Epiphone acous-electric !!! Thanks a lot Dad and Mum. Love ya.

The preamp needs some repairing. But the guitar itself is still in good condition. The sound is nice IMO. Sounds full when i pluck or strum it.