For me, one of the greatest tennis players that ever lived. If not the greatest. This dude has just won his 10th grand slam during the aussie open at the grand old age of 25. Last year, he went through to all of the grand slam finals(4) and only lost in the french open to nadal. He's the complete player. Powerful forehand, searing backhand, lighting serve, cheeky dropshots and placed dropshots make him the man he is. Mentally, he's strong. How many times has this guy turned a no-win situation to a win-win situation?. His elegance on court is akin to that of a ballet dancer(seriously). I really admire him, not because he's world no.1, but because of who he is. I model my own game after his (with much difference!!). So far, thanks to him, i've managed to turn my backhand into a useful tool.

I really miss playing tennis!! Everytime i pass by the stadium near my home at during nightime, there's usually a game played. Man...how i wish....It's too bad that my sparring partner, v-liam, is working and i wouldn't like to disturb him. Maybe I SHOULD give it a try. Or maybe i could try asking some former classmates who has played with me before. I wonder why so few people are into tennis...

I've DYED my hair. ((: Had a trim today and later karen dyed it for me and kevin. Mine turned into a reddish-brown. It was satisfactory enough, although i wish the colour was somewhat 'browner' and clearer. Nevermind, little is better than nothing.

I haven't made the notes for friday night's dvd viewing. I'm in charge of making the notes for this week.

Im gonna get my pay tomorrow!! Pheewee....

I seem to be having a habit of posting my blogs past midnight. This means my blogs are all like a day late. Arrghhh....

Started work at 11.30 a.m. Today i and pay lun was posted upstairs. I think both of us had a great time today. Customers weren't that much and we had a rather relaxed time. Other than that, everything else was routine.

I went home after work and spend the time sleeping until past 9.30. Thank God i woke up. Had a supper date wif josh and pay lun. Josh's back for a short holiday. It's just a pity he couldn't join us for this saturday's youth. Would have been fun to jam with him. Had a great time with them. Uncle Bob's fried chicken tasted as good as ever. yum. One interesting thing : lao di fang (that's the hawker centre's name), has a toilet bowl that doesn't flush the usual. Instead of flushing down the bowl, it'll instead flush your feet. I had the honour of discovering this new invention. Instant feet-washing service.

I didn't have bass class today. I cancelled at the last minute as i was too tired. Nonetheless, im trying to fit it into my schedule. Some other guys are interested in learning the bass and also the guitar. I must be commited to this.

In other news, i have a new water heater. Yay....


Sunday began like any other sundays. Started the day with sunday service. We were having our faith pledge launch today. Ok, i'll admit this. I haven't cleared up my faith pledge from last year. Have to catch up FAST. If there's one thing i need to learn this year, it's to spent wisely. My personal financing HAS to take a turn for the better.

I think i'll be posting a list of the things i hope to achieve this year sometime later. It'll keep me motivated.hahas.

Sigh. I really want beach sandals! I've taken a fancy for those japanese-slippers lookalike but with a heel support at the back. I saw someone wearing it in downtown east and fell in love wif it at once. I'd ask pay lun to search for me when he went to singapore recently. He came back and told me the only lookalike he saw was a limited edition one by billabong and it costs a money-sucking 150 sing! But IT IS billabong, so, that's what i've come to expect from that brand. But' im still hoping... If not, im gonna scout the streets of muar...(:

Btw, i just wanna wish my cuz joel chew a happy belated birthday!! His bday was on the 26th of jan and i messaged him a day late. So sorry bro! You're a real talented fella and i hope u'll continue pursuing these God-given talents and to use it to serve Him too. First and foremost everytime. I'm grateful to have u, jasher n jeremy as me cousins. Love u all.

God bless u richly and see you soon during chinese new year.



Haha. Had a great time in High School. Performed a few songs. Amirul was at his crazy self. Lol, bt he gt the crowd going. Most of the students responded. Some with cheers and some wif boos. Haha. Bt i'll admit that i dint play my best today. Was real tired n had to go work immediately after that. Guess my heart wasn't really there. But it was a good gig. Here's a pic we took with the crowd behind us.

Today we had the 2nd round of our bible quiz at youth. Emmanuel church was involved too. It went well and congrats to isaac's group.
We had a surprise bday celebration for ps katherine too. It's her bday tomorrow. Yay!!. I'll confess that i ate a lot of the cake. (:
We got it at kim leng and it's pandan. Carol wanted american chocolate. Too bad girl. Next time maybe, on my birthday. ( (:

Sunday's tomorrow...


Been really busy today. Morning had band practise for tomorrow's performance. High School Muar has invited us to entertain the students during the cross country running program. We're playing instrumental tomorrow. We'll be playing 3 songs. This performance is kinda a rush thing. Amirul contacted me on thursday night and we had practise today. Only one practise.lol.

Hectic is the best word to describe work today. Pay lun's in singapore doing his interview-whatever-thing and i and a few others are left to handle the fort. upstairs and downstairs. I spend most of my time upstairs. Went home one hour late. Had to finish clearing upstairs and add in water cut-off upstairs ,(they're STILL renovating...) and you'll understand why i finished late.

Later at night, went to church rather unwillingly to join the dvd watching of the 2006 leadership summit held in different continents. But, boy was i glad i went. James meek shared on 'enemies of a growing church'. Rather insightful. Humorous guy too. I liked it when he shared that God is no respector of persons. God does not love some people more than the other. God doesn't call certain ppl only, He works through ALL people. Yup, my friday nights are booked from this week onwards. haha.

Have to sleep early. Tomorrow's an even fuller schedule. Having soundcheck too at 7. I'll be going a lil' later (: There goes my sleep....

Here's to encores!!!

While i was having supper a.k.a dinner(joash's alternate timing) with juin haw,jared and pay lun; I came to the knowledge courtesy of pay lun that my secondary school friend, Hui Guan has passed away last week due to cancer...Pay lun got to noe of the news through another former school mate whom he bumped into recently.

Hello? that guy's only 19 going on 20. My age. Cancer?. I'm shocked to say the least. Hui Guan was my class mate for only a year (during form 1). He's good at basketball and is quite good at 3 pointers. He and a few of us were quite good friends during form 1 and we always sat at the back. In the years ahead, i kinda lost contact with him as we moved to different classes after form 1. The very occasional nod was the only greeting we gave each other. After form 5 and spm, he disappeared from my life.

It just shows how fragile human life is. NOBODY is life-proofed. Life. How deep that word is. This just shows me that life is to be enjoyed everyday. No matter how beat up my day will be, i'm gonna make the best out of it and thank God for giving me the life i'm livin'. Oh Yeah.
I'm gonna cherish and appreciate my life even more so now.

I just regretted that i couldn't go to the funeral. I wasn't even aware of his passing. Another lesson. Friendship is to be cherished. Don't take it for granted. You just never know. There are a lot of times when i did just that. Taking my friends for granted. It's like a wake-up call.

Hui Guan, R.I.P dude....


I have been wanting to share this for a long long time. Anyone here listens to casting crowns?great band. awesome sound. there's one song that particularly touched my heart. It's 'If We Are The Body'. When i first listen to the song, it was kinda like,"ok,meaningful lyrics,great tune". It didn't really hit me hard first time. After a few times though, this song just kept coming back to me. Kept reminding me. Here's the lyrics.

It's crowded in worship today
As she slips in Trying to fade into the faces
The girls' teasing laughter is carrying farther than they know
Farther than they know

But if we are the Body
Why aren't His arms reaching
Why aren't His hands healing Why aren't His words teaching
And if we are the Body Why aren't His feet going Why is His love not showing them there is a way
There is a way

A traveler is far away from home
He sheds his coat
And quietly sinks into the back row
The weight of their judgmental glances tells him that his chances
Are better out on the road


But if we are the Body
Why aren't His arms reaching Why aren't His hands healing
Why aren't His words teaching
And if we are the Body
Why aren't His feet going Why is His love not showing them there is a way

Jesus paid much too high a price

For us to pick and choose who should come
And we are the Body of Christ


If we are the body
Why aren't His arms reaching
Why aren't His hands healing
Why aren't His words teaching
And if we are the body Why aren't His feet going
Why is His love not showing them there is a way

Jesus is the way

Pretty meaningful eh? I tell you, it hit me real hard. It forced me to think of the role im playing as a christian. Imagine this scenario which i think is all too familiar. It's youth service, a new guy shyly steps in, gets greeted by the ushers and is led to his seat. The youths by this time is already aware of his presence. "you go say hi first lah!", "you go, then i go?ok?", "i DARE u go shake hands", "bluek!pokka dot shirt.ewww" etc etc. It's guaranteed that ppl will go shake hands. But i wonder how many of them has a real GENUINE interest to get to noe the guy?. Okay, lets say that guy is a little mentally retarded. He talks loud, can't sit still and is wearing clothes of the 70's.

" I shake hand oredi mah"

"Aiya, im not good at taking with this kind of people"

"Let the pastors and grown ups handle it. They're the REAL pros"

"aiyo, see? see? got usher sitting and talking with him already ma, so settle liao la"

"He wont like me"

"Go talk to him for wat..waste time...he next week most probably won't come also la.."

"I'm real cosy right here. And i don't intend to move."

Sounds familiar? Well, it does for me at least. Time and time again i have seen this kind of people walking in and out of the church. And im ashamed to say that i gave some of the excuses above.

People, it's time to reach out. It's time to reach out to those who really need His grace. It's time to treat upon injustice. It's time to get out of our COMFORT zone and really go out to meet the needs out there. It's time to reach out to that group of teenage ah bengs who talk loud, swear loud and speak in a language you barely understand. It's time to reach out to that person who has been sitting quietly in the backrow for countless sundays with the only the occasional friend.

And i don't just mean the non-christians. What about the newly saved? the real QUIET christians? the christian geek who has no true friend? the teenager who's so shy she always sits with her parents during sundays? the guy who seems to have running nose all the time? the christian fella who has a FACEFUL of pimples?

When Jesus paid the price of our sins, he didn't just want only a particular group to get in. The beautiful ones. The talented ones. The famous ones. The educated ones. The friendly ones. No. He wanted all to come. No matter the person's character and background.
Doesn't it strike you that Jesus seems to spend the most time with the 'sinners' and the 'unclean'? Zacchaeus,the woman with the issue of blood. Mary magdelene. The pharisees. The lepers. The possesed man at gadarenes. Even the pharisees. He din't condemn any of them. I believe if Jesus HATED sinners, He would have spend his days chilling out with the prophets, the teachers of the law, carpenting.
But, that ISN'T Jesus. Jesus is all about love. He loves EVERYONE of us.

Isn't it high time we do something about it too? We all talk about impacting the community, but who actually takes time to do it? We talk about the great commission with zeal. But who does it? It's about time we change our attitudes towards this people and actually reach out to them. It's high time we stop giving excuses. It's high time we start changing from the inside out and subsequently change those around us.

These people need us. Guaranteed; it's not going to be easy. We may struggle at first to break the barriers between us. But i believe that God will be on our side helping us, strengthening us, encouraging us to go on. If we would commit ourselves, He would take charge and create those openings for us.

Remember, it's not just about the lost. It's also about those already saved but neglected too.

I'm going to start with myself.

MATT 22: 39. Simple verse, but tells a whole lot.

My apologies if I have talk too much. Hehe. Just wanted to share what was on my mind. Hope those reading enjoyed it. Haha.



Yeah. 2nd day. To start this day off, i was late for the jamming session. Overslep (: Bt it appears dat my mates were rather late too(according to them), so dats alrite. After jam, i had a drink together wif them while they ate lunch.

Later went shopping wif pay lun. Wanted to find some collar shirts. Bt, dint managed to gt even one bcuz either the shirts were too expensive or they had some unnecessary design on them(imagine fake polo and levis lol). Bt i managed to gt myself an extreme t shirt which was on offer at RM20. original price was 39 bucks n i guess they slashed the price because there was only 1 piece left and the top was slightly dirty(its white in colour btw). But it's washable,so thats cool. the design was nice. It depicted an electric guitarist in blocks form n the blocks are in different colours too. Quite unique. It fitted me alright. Then met up wif carol at the cd shop where she was working and had a short chat with her. Pay lun had to leave after that as he had to fetch his grandma to visit his greatgrandma which is his grandma's mother and his mother's grandma.haha. We ta-paued a few pastries at baker house and then left.

Back home, i spend sum time typing my messed-up documents in the lappie but couldnt go far. My tiredness was prompting me to sleep. I resign and spend 1.45 hour sleeping. Got up, had my dinner at past ten (horrendeous eating habits i noe).

Im starting work at 10 am tomorrow. Sigh. Boss's wife wants us to help set up the newly renovated place. Im pretty excited to see it actually. Gotta sleep early to avoid a repeat of today's happenings.
I'll just end with a quote again.


nitez ...


Today is the 1st of my 2 off days..as a result, my schedule was totally out of ermm.. schedule. Woke up juz before 2pm. Had lunch around 4 i tink. Then went to fetch jacinth from her sports practice. Went home and spend time typing some of my many messed up documents into the lappie.

Later at 8, headed up to ebby's home for his 1st bass leason. It's part of my church's youth project to train young musicians. There are others who r interested and im hoping to find a suitable time to get together. I really enjoyed myself teaching ebby today. That dude learns real quick and i regretted bringing only 1 piece of music sheet for him today. We learned 'Exalted' today. He picked it up real quick and was playing it by heart. Yeah!!. I tell you, i was real excited by that. It really made me happy. I guess this is one of the joys of teaching. And i guess while teaching, he's not the only one learning. Im learning at the same time too. And as a bonus, i got to borrow a Don Moen VCD..hehe

Im having a band jamming tomorrow at 9 in the morning. Amirul said he wanted to play We Are Scientist songs. Haha. Indie music fan.. I'll just go and have fun larh....MUST remember to bring earplugs. The last time we were dere, it was SUPER loud. Reason being, the room is small. There's no proper noise absorbers and we're using 2 100 watt marshall valvestate 100v amplifiers. So you can imagine the noise.

I'll just end with a quote pastor betty said some time back.


Go figure...Nitey...

Yeah. 2 whole days off. Im really welcoming this break wif open arms. One of the main reason for this 2 day break is that from the time since i started working dere, they had been doing some renovations at the back of the kitchen. The renovation is almost done and i guess they need at least a day or two to make the finishing touches and to shift the restaurant stuff around. Besides, i heard that we are given an off day once every 2 weeks. So i guess it accumulates to 2 days.

Have finished listening to the online commentary between my beloved ManUTD vs arsenal. It's just a shame that we have to succumed to that 2-1 defeat courtesy of a last minute thierry Henry goal. AARRRGHHH!!!!!!!


1) Chelsea were thrashed 2-0 by liverpool and this was our chance to go 9 points clear of the pack.

2) Wayne Rooney just scored his 1st goal in like how many weeks? Kammon lah...give him a break....

3) Henry scored against us. Dont get me wrong. I absolutely love Henry but at these kind of times, I just wished that He was at someplace
else eg. Birmingham, Charlton, Leeds united or such or Manutd (hint hint Sir Alex)

4) We WERE leading for 83 minutes. It's really a shame to lose in this kind of a way.

5) We lost in the last 30 seconds. Aiyo, draw oso good enough mah...

6) Well, put it this way : I adore and dont adore arsenal. I adore them for their style of play and i don't adore them because well, they ARE
arsenal right? ( i guess footie fans would understand what im saying about).

7) All of the above.

But sportingly, i gotta give it to arsenal for that win. They took full advantage of the two situations and won the game. To be honest, they deserved that win. I'm fustrated, but it isn's the end of the world. We ARE still 6 points clear right?Yeah.

p/s: Happy belated birthday to my sis jacinth!! Her birthday was on the 21 of jan. God bless you girl. We had our fair share of
disagreements but i juz wanna let you know that i love you and that i hope and pray that the Lord will continue to guide you in
your life and may u grow up to be an awesome woman for Christ!!!Amen!


Gabrielle, i'm not a SLOWPOKE!!!hahas.......veli bad fellow sque-ni......

Just watched the first episode of American Idol season ? with my siblings. Ryan secrest was at his usual best. American Idol is reality Tv at its best. It's where we can see the the vulnerability of the contestants. It's disheartening to see ppl enter the room with dreams of making it big and coming out of it broken and rejected. Anyone; rockers,nerds,prima donnas, etc are all in the same boat. No categorization. The three judges(in todays case four including special guest Jewel) hold their future. I wonder how many of the contestants were relly hurt by the comments. These ppl may be good. But one slip-up and their hopes are dashed. Maybe even forever for those who cant beat the pain of singing again in public.

I juz wished that somehow or another simon and gang would be kinder to some of those who failed. These contestants come with a sincere belief and hope that they could make it through. And,WHAM!! 5 minutes later,after audition,gone. It's quite touching to see some of them break down and cry and some looking really beat down and rejected...my heart really goes out to those rejected ones. Kudos to them for trying and for being so brave to stand out in front of live tv.

It just shows how vulnerable we humans can be. How emotional can one get. Don't all of us yearn for that bit of encouragement and praise? I wonder which human can spend his whole being without a kind word added in. But, i admit that i sumtimes laugh at the antics of some of the contestants. Even though i feel sorry for most of the rejected ones, i just cant stand some of them who goes dere for their 5 minutes of fame. Those ppl know dat they cant get in, but they do so just for the fame and glory(frequency cannon (: )....for those ppl, i save my sympathy.

On other news, im currently working 7 days a week. Haiz. Getting kinda mundane being a waiter. But i hear that there's a 1 day break every 2 weeks. So im hoping to cut some slack. Maybe can get some of the youth to head up to melacca for a day.

In other news, i bought a pair of fakie crocs sandals a few days ago. After buying them only realised that the holes on top of them are soooo fake that they're all focus on 1 side of the sandal and nt spreading around like the original ones. Wasted my 12.90 haha. But at least i have some rubber sandals to wear at work cuz my feet tend to get wet often and my fakie crocs can dry up fast.


Today, a somewhat funny incident happened when i was buying bread for my family after music practice. The stall keeper peered at me closely and said (further conversation in chinese) that i look somewhat familiar to him. Well, i told him that i previously studied at Sri Muar and had just finished my form 6 at High School. "Ah!!I studied at Sri Muar too. But you wont recognize me methinks cause im much older than you (and you say I look familiar to you?)" he says before continuing "I think i finished my SPM over there(doesnt the dude even remember his education?!). I was working in KL and have come back to Muar to see what jobs are available to me here."

"Oh..ermm..ok..." I replied. To be honest i cant recollect any of my seniors or friends whose image represents him. By this time I had already paid for my bread and was heading back to the car. "Oh!..wait!...why dont you give me your number so that I could contact you and maybe we could have a meal sometime in the future". "Oh,ok, no problem (he MIGHT be my senior right?)" I replied. We exhanged our numbers. At this point I found out that his name was Ah kuang. After doing so, I was heading back into my car.

"Errrr....errrr..." he said.


"Errrr....do you errrrr....see you know, you know...."

"See what?" (But i roughly know what he's hinting at)

"You know lah...those BAD shows...."


"Oh!then nevermind. Don't introduce to u lah"

At this point I bade a friendly goodbye, got back into the car and drove away.

Is that the reason that dude introduced himself? Wanting to sell me pornograpic shows? Me thinks he just used my former school as an excuse to 'try to make business'. I don't think he even knows me at all. You may be thinking "what's so great about this conversation?". True to some extent. But to me, I feel bemused that one would be so desperate as to resort to this kind of tactic to make business. I was thinking in my heart "So that's the reason he introduced himself to me(I haven't ruled out the fact that he MAY actually really know me)". Im not blaming him. I understand that one has to earn his bread( no pun intended) and selling these kind of cds are an additional income to him. Im just sad that one has to venture into these kind of activities. Welcome to the real world, I guess.

For all I know, this dude might even had been a brilliant student at some point in time. He might have just taken a slight wrong turning in his life and ended up the way he is. Im not saying that he's destined for this life. No. He has made his choice and he needs to make more choices in the future. All of us too are in the same boat. Our outcome depends on the choices that we make. I just hope that ah kuang would somehow or another make the right choice and come out of that life. Im saying this because I know that God can do anything. No matter how messed up our life is, or how tangled up we feel about life, just remember that It's never too late. It's never too late to turn back to God. It's never too late to untangle yourself. It's never too late to clean up that mess you have made in the past.

Everything that has happened in our life has a purpose behind it. All those stuff that we did in the past has lead us to where we are now. There is always time to make right with God and turn to Him. He is ever ready to forgive and always has and always will love us. God doesnt care about our past, He cares for our future and He wants to be part of it. Let God be your steering wheel and your life will definitely be on the right path. Trust in Him and He'll take charge.

Ah kuang has my hp number. Im hoping that he'll call me actually.

Ok. A slight detour. I just caught Harith Iskandar on TV2's jazz program. Whattaya know? That guy can play the guitar and sing the blues! Not perfecto but it sounded great! He played a nice short solo too. He was singing something about potholes and pirated vcds. There's one sentence that goes something like this "I see your image on the bottom of the tv screen" which is clearly refering to the low quality of pirated vcds where people's shadows frequently cross the cinema screen where it's being recorded illegally.Hahas...

Good night and good morning everyone! (It's past one o'clock in the morning here).


My papa, a.k.a Roland Wee celebrates his birthday today. Throughout the years, dad has been supporting my family alongside with mum. He's a sporting dad too. He's liberal too depending on the situation..(: Papa was the person who 1st introduced me to the world of guitar. Using his old yamaha, he taught me the basic chords. Dad's a great guitarist too and have a great sense of hearing. Sadly, i havent seen him play for some time already due to his commitments at work and others. I love the fact that dad tries to get us togeher every week for family devotions. Dad loves to eat cili padi and all kinds of spicy stuff. One more thing, finance.(: Paps is really supportive of me following music and sometimes will sponsor or 'half' so-called sponsor me for cds, etc and most recently a second hand guitar.

I love u paps and I really appreciate all that u r doing and have done for the family. I know that u love us all very much. Thanks for being a great example and guide to me.

Here's to a great pap!!!


yup. That's wat im doing nw. Im currently working at Merlin Restaurant. Its at taman orkid, Muar for the uninitiated. Bsides doing the usual rounds as a waiter, im oso involve in the peeling of garlic,veggies. Quite a load of fun actually. It's juz the aftermath that sucks. Imagine garlic smell on ur hands AND u noe there's no point of removing them(which is tough,believe me) because you noe u r gonna go through the same cycle the next day.

The people dere are great. There's a fine mixture of young and old. But the old exceeds the young but by not much. Things are a little messy at the moment as some renovation work is being done. Im grateful that there's no such thing as discrimination or anything like it. We share our work burden and work as a team. The kitchen crew is great too. I like it when we get together around past 3 to eat. Can get to noe them better. On a whole, they're pretty fun-loving ppl. But, i was hoping for longer hours at work there though. My initial time from 12-7pm was cut down to 12-6pm. Im juz hoping i'll get longer hours soon.

Having sunday service tomorrow. After that, back to work at 12 pm. Kinda rush actually but i juz have to make do.


Yes..that's true...especially for me. Im still in the process of learning to be patient. And i mean on a whole. I feel the Lord is teaching me bit by bit through experiences. For example, in december, while in singapore, I really really wanted to gt my hands on a fender(it's a guitar btw)...so, i commited it to the Lord and....couldnt get it. Weather,finance,etc etc all played a part in hindering me from fulfilling my quest. I was THAT close man! You can just imagine my fustration..but, deep down, i noe that God has His own timing for everything, including my fender...Just put it in his hands and He'll take charge..it may not be this time, but ONE DAY...YES!..ONE DAY....just gotta learn the ropes of being patient...

Spend most of my day playing guitar. Near afternoon, went out to jam wif a few frens at our former school. One word : Loudness. Im goin to have to bring ear-plugs the next time!..but not to say that it wasnt fun. It was, and i may be in the mist of entering a band..hehe.then later at night, was at church practising for sunday.

Ohyea,working part time as a waiter tomorrow.very unglamorous..haha...but as phileo puts it,"well, it's a job rite?"...yeah man, im thankful for it...starting at 12 noon and ending at 7pm. Thank God for the good hours.

I need to be more diciplined in my life too. Especially in my daily devotion with Him. Sometimes, life is a rush and we just tend to leave God as the last thing on our schedule. Then, when the day draws to a close, we'll be just too tired to do any devotion or may fall asleep while doing it!..well, it's true for me...at least... Im learning to put Him first and foremost. Time and time again, whether directly or indirectly, through other people, these words "have your daily devotion" comes to my hearing. I personally take it as the Lord speaking to me.

Ahh...signing off...


I guess one of the reasons of having a blog is able to s-h-a-r-e. Sharing of the Lord's goodness and grace. Letting ppl read(hopefully!) of my testimonies as i go through this wonderful thing called life.

Ok,today was pretty much like the other days...im on holiday mode...so,woke up at 12 sumthin(i slep at 4 pass ok?),then had to rush off to church for a meeting wif pastor and kevin regading the youth plans for the 1st half of the year(tentative)..i gotta contact the planning commitee real soon bout it. After meeting, went to KTR studio to find a replacement screw and spring for our church's AXR strat copy which i unfortunately lost while playing it. Couldn't get it. sigh. Neways, later went to popular and went through the routine cycle of browsing mags-cds-books. Bought nothing. haha. Those popular ppl muz be getting pretty beat up when they see me. Come,look,cabut.

Have juz finish GASsing over the gears of the ppl at G4C...mightily impressed with wat some of them had to offer. I spend around 4 hours++ browsing through 128 pages! (pretty free huh?). Macman,kidd,ben,jono gears are impressive. I'll get severe GAS if i keep thinking of them. Nvm, save up for my strat 1st! I'll get my gear afterwards...MUAHAHA...

Juz to comfort myself, here's my so-called dream rig. For now la....

It's not very clear and nt in order i guess. Here's a neater chain.

strat/tele-TU2-JD crybaby-trex compnova-crowther hotcake-mi audio tubezone-bixonic expandora-fulltone fulldrive 2-tubescreamer-line 6 MM4-nobels tremolo-DD3-RV5-EB volume pedal-amp

The reason being of having so many drives is that im still in the mist of cutting down from this few. Juz heard that the fulldrive is the more expensive version of the TS. Hmmm.....

But who knows? At the end of the day i might juz get myself a XTlive unit 1st..haha
I'm satisfied...GAS seems to be better already...yup..yup...
Oh, and im staring work on friday..2 days earlier..nvm, it'll help kill my boredom...

Nite everyone!!Cheerio!


Okay, im nt sure why im having a blog. For me,blogging is always instituted with lack-of-privacy. But I figured it can help me keep tab on myself too..hehe.. Guess it just came to me at the spur-of-the-moment kinda thing. Was iddling on the net and came across altered frequency's (you guys rawk(:) blog and guess it gave me some kind of inspiration..lol...oh, and blame it on poor journal keeping too. I figured that blogging will give me motivation to keep at it and not fade out (sorry journal).

Im still trying to figure out how some of this stuff works. Takes time..hmmm..

Nways, juz came back yesterday from another manutd footie match. Though glad that manU won, but i juz gotta salute the villans. They defended well throughout the game and it's a pity their goalie had to make that mistake.. (:

Im stil figuring whether or not to go to AYA festival...went last year and it definitely was great! I'm starting work on 15th Jan and im not sure whether i can take leave..sigh..beside, sonicflood, GMB and Altered frequency will be on this year...what a line up!!..better hurry..closing date is 19th Jan.

I have tons of work still left to do. My room's like a warpath, my application to nanyang U still isnt done, I havent done ching's book YET, etc.etc... and im stil online..doesnt it makes u wonder how the net can keep u transfixed at it for hours on end even though u have nothing to do on it?

Im done.