Helloo there!

Season's greetings to everyone (if any) who still comes back to my blog for updates.

MIA-ed for nearly a month. Yup, been caught up with some stuff and didn't have the time and well, the inspiration to blog.

So, bringing up to date.

My picture folder is brimming. I really want to upload every one of em but by the rate things are going, it'll probably be done by the end of 09.

I'm currently doing internship with Velocity Media, a publishing house for mags like PC Gamer, Digital Camera Malaysia, T3 and Max-IT. And before anyone start asking me whether I'm about to graduate, let me dismiss such rumours by saying this is an optional internship I'm doing here just to fill in the time and experience barrel. I AM STILL YOUNG OKAY? Things are pretty good here coupled with a relaxed environment which I really appreciate. Colleagues are generally warm and friendly and we have quite a young team here. I'm currently writing reviews and articles more towards for the Max-IT side. Very technological-based so plenty of catching up for me to do. Anyone who hasn't a clue about MAX-IT, please do get it from your newsstand and bookstores please!

Other than that, I had Christmas over in Kuantan with my relatives. Kuantan is always nice. Weather is not too hot (by comparison la), awesome tennis courts (by comparison) and of course the beach. Teluk Cempedak wins me over anyday. My only gripe about the whole trip is that I could only play one round of tennis. Thanks to the rain.

Christmas presents according to my uncle is 'very practical' this year. I've gotten a whole bunch of clothes to add into my already bursting cupboard (No choice, my landlord provides me with a mini one).

That's about it la for now. There's more but I'll do another post. Someday. Heh.

Happy 2009 to all!