The Ridzuan Gang

It's funny how we often fail to cherish our friends and share what's in the innermost of our hearts till the day arrives when they actually leave your side. By then, feelings of regret and reluctance creeps in, and all that you wanted to say is stored up inside of you and there's so little time left to spill it all out. 

But I know that this is not the end, instead, it's the beginning of a journey, a journey that is longlasting, that goes on through life.

To all my friends who has/ about to leave Ridz, thanks for the memories, and we'll meet again. :)

Esp. to Ying Xuan, Xiuu Ling, Look, Maggie, Vee Wen, Edwin, Jonathan and Sean.

I guess It's not the same without you all, the meals, the laughter and the sense of belonging.

I love and cherish every single one of you. From the bottom of my heart.

You have made me realise the power of friendship and I am amazed at how one and a half years (or less) of friendship manages to bring us from different walks of life closer with each other.

Take care. 

I guess it's apt for me to dedicate a song to all of you. :)

Apologies if there's any mistake in the playing or singing. I did this video past midnight and after a few hours of karaoke. :s

I think this was my 3rd-4th try and my voice was getting hoarser and softer after each new take! Grrr...

So once again, pardon the mistakes and what nots. Hope all of you enjoy it!

The Friend Song

In an instant, one year down the road,
through all the joys and all the tears, we shared in a way,
In an instant, standing at the gate,
With a future uncertain, will we meet again?

Cause I know that, the tears will fade away,
cause I know that i've found, somewhere I belong, 
cause I know that i've found, love and acceptance,
And I know that I have found a friend that's for real
And I know that I have found a bond that never breaks,
Through it all.

Verse 2
Who can imagine, a friend that's everlast,
Always right beside you, whenever you
And I know that, this friendship will still go on,
wherever life will bring us, we will carry on.


What do you do when the walls around seem insurmountable? When questions are unanswered? When there are just too many things happening around you and you do not have the necessary time nor energy to keep up?

I try to be sane and take it a step at a time. Or play golf. Either way goes.


The King Has Arrived

No, it isn't Mohammad Ali. And it isn't Barack Obama either. Sheesh..what's wrong with you guys....

On a tuesday morning,

Flags were being waved everywhere.

These 3 guys came all the way from South Africa. Talk about passion. And there's nothing much wrong about the poster. :p

Some random guy. lol. Or rather my partner in crime.


To be honest, he looks much more fairer compared to what we see on the telly and mag. -.-

My best shot of that morning.

Naturally the crowd swarm all around him and helped cut our queueing line by half. Thanks guys! 

This ball belongs to a cute 9 year old girl who was waiting in line in front of us with her mum to have Fed's signature. They just recently came back from the Shanghai Masters and even stayed at the official players hotel there. The 2 signatures you can see on the ball is Djokovic's (above) and Gilles Simon's (below). 

They closed the doors after just 10+ minutes. Naturally the crowd went mad. When they allowed another 20 to go in, you can just imagine the hustling and bustling of everyone trying to get past the guards. One guy even shouted "Lets storm them!". Siao ah? Kesian the old lady and small kid there. Both managed to get in. So that's cool. Thankfully, I was by that time at the front and was allowed to enter. 

Waving to the adoring crowd below. And to those who didn't manage to get his autograph.

Everyone was cheering and waving. I bet he melted a few hearts that day. ;)

Bye bye.

Moving on to the night every tennis fan in Malaysia have been waiting for.

View from my seat. Still pretty okay, Putra isn't that big.

They had Ning Baizura to perform. She was straining on some parts though.

Ella. At least she interacted with the audience.

Jaclyn Victor. Couldn't hear her clear enough throughout most of her performance.

Some cultural percussion thing. Combining all the drum elements of most of the races in Malaysia.

I took videos of the entrance of the players. Was pretty cool. I'll upload it if I have the time la.

When the match started, there were plenty of empty seats below, so the crew allowed us to go further down for a better view of the matches.

Bjorn Borg and Johnny Mac. Borg has a very unique backhand; Especially when he's lining it up for a shot.

The classic Federer serve stance.

I have almost the entire match between Fed and Blake on video. In my honest opinion, I think Blake was the better performer that night. Fed looked a little out of his element, perhaps still carrying the injury he suffered from the Shanghai Masters, but still managed to get in a few amazing shots la.

And James Blake has one of the craziest forehand I've ever seen. He also did a between the legs shot and a dunk smash. The backhand overhead was also used by all the players I think.

And he's cute and has a sexy butt (according to Rubee; Check her blog for her update on it, very good pics) and some people in the crowd even shouted "C'mon Sexy" and "Handsome". And most of that came from guys. O.o

John McEnroe doing what he's famous for. Volleying.

The final match of the evening featured Team USA (Blake and McEnroe) versus Team Europe (Fed and Borg). If I'm not mistaken Team USA managed to break Borg's serve on every occasion. Ouch.

The Federer serve. 1



One for the album.

My most prized possession? I mean c'mon man, this guy's a legend and he spoke to me! (To apologise when he couldn't sign my tennis balls).

Okay, I better stop before I sound like some fanatic.

Or am I?


When will the day come when I can love a girl unliberated, carefree and with abandoned fervour?

Wedding Bells

Again, some not so clear pictures. The majority of the dinner pictures are with my dad's camera, so I may upload them if I can get my hands on them.

Waiting for the arrival of the bride. The groom, Daniel is on the far right with his best man by his side. 

The bride arrives. Aleena looks pretty in her gown. :)

Lighting of the unity candle.

Presentation of the bride and groom. On the left is Ps Daniel Kumar, the officiating minister. And he can sing in Hokkien. 

My 3 lovely sisters. :) Taken before the dinner at Eastin.

Again. not clear. This one using my handset camera to zoom way in.

My song presentation to the newlyweds. Song 'We Will Dance' taken from the legendary Steven Curtis Chapman. I went through his entire discography and finally settled on this one.

I've watched the sunrise in your eyes 
And I've seen the tears fall like the rain 
You've seen me fight so brave and strong 
You've held my hand when I'm afraid 

We've watched the seasons come and go 
We'll see them come and go again 
But in winter's chill, or summer's breeze 
One thing will not be changin' 

We will dance 
When the sun is shining 
In the pouring rain 
We'll spin and we'll sway 
And we will dance 
When the gentle breeze 
Becomes a hurricane 
The music will play 
And I'll take your hand 
And hold you close to me 
And we will dance 

Sometimes it's hard to hold you tight 
Sometimes we feel so far apart 
Sometimes we dance as one 
And feel the beating of each others hearts 

Some days the dance is slow and sweet 
Some days we're bouncing off the walls 
No matter how this world may turn 
Our love will keep us from fallin' 


The music will play 
And I'll hold you close 
And I won't let you go 
Even when our steps 
Grow weak and slow 
Still I'll take your hand 
And hold you close to me 
And we, will dance

Many commented that I wasn't looking at the crowd. One area which I know I have to improve. Hence you can see me closing my eyes . One reason is to avoid the aforementioned and another is to feel the music. You guys understand what I'm saying right? :p

So, like that lah. Will post pictures of the dinner if I can grab hold of it.

Congrats to Daniel and my cousin Aleena!

May God guide and bless you two in this wonderful marriage.