Ahhh....glorious sleep........

I love assignments. They keep me awake and cheerful all at the same time.


The Man Utd division. The day after we trounced chelsea 2-0. Monday is always Man Utd day.

While the class was watching An Inconvenient Truth (The Al Gore global warming thingy) for CRR, me and rubee were happily taking pics.

Look at Mas!! 


Back at ridzuan. After a somewhat blissful week in muar.


Tagged by xiu nuan

1) The victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover
2) Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover
3) Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog
4) If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again.
5) Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

Okay, first things first, I haven't been tagged in a long while (and am rather thankful at that). So, I'll oblige xiu nuan. :P

8 different points about my PERFECT lover :

1) Sweet (and that doesn't necessary mean being beautiful, mind you).
2) Understands me.
3) Man United supporter (Hey, I could always hope can't I?).
4) Able to tolerate my guitar playing and beat me to it with her own instrument playing,      whatever it may be. :P
5) Trust and faith in me.
6) Independent.
7) Able to be patient with me. And finally...
8) Loves me for who I am.

I think I could go on but the above is what came through my mind at this moment of time. But I reckon no.8 is very important don't ya think? (:

I don't think I'll tag anyone. I'm a spoilsport I know. But anyone who finds this question interesting, feel free to do it and you can consider me having tagged you. But do leave me a comment so I can check it out. :P


BODY IN GYM BAG: DNA test confirms it's Nurin Jazlin

Let's hope the authorities catch this sick asshole sooner rather than later.

My prayers are with Nurin's family.


Today's the day where I've have tasted the best curry/seafood mee in town! And it seriously beats any I've tried previously. An extra thanks to Adrian for bringing me to that place.

It's at a restaurant named Yu Ai and their main quarters are over in Segambut. We took our's in a SS2 branch.

The price is quite ex for a simple bowl of mee but with prawns, mussels, cuttlefish and fish fillet and whatever extra mix in, we can't complain can't we? Plus, both of us great gluttons had double portion of yee mee thrown in. Stir it all up with rich, creamy, steamy curry. Ahhhhh.....

I basically spend half of my day with Adrian exploring music stores. We went to JS music, CK music (more on it late on), Bentley (Where Adrian encountered a severe Mesa Boogie G.A.S attack) and finally to The guitar store in Hartamas where I met my potential guitar tech Mr Fadley.

Back to CK music, Adrian called up Jaya and I had the privileged of meeting up again with our local guitar virtuoso. The last time I met him was in Guitar Camp 04. During then, he could freakin' play all (I think) of Joe Satriani's songs and goodness knows what else. And he hasn't changed at all. Still amazing. As Adrian puts it, "His finger's are like butter on the fretboard". Yup it was that fast. One funny part for me was when Adrian introduced me to him.

"Joash? (He pronounced it as Joa I think), sounds like a guitar hero's name."

Errmmm...okkkaaaayy. Still a long way to go for that to do justice. But nonetheless very satisfying to be labeled as that by Jaya himself. HAHAHAHA. Perasaan.

Back to Ritz, immediately rushed off for a dinner date with chinggg. Gave her a belated birthday treat. We spend a good 3+ hours just talking and talking. Ah, the good ol' days.

There are some things in life where we just need to appreciate and cherish.


The hols are here! (:

But I just wish assignments weren't part of the package...

But...BRING IT ON MATE!!!!!!


What the...

I have a freakin' sore throat and I still go to neway to sing karaoke!?

That's called hardcore...


This is a random post. So I'll just post a pic up which we took a few weeks back.

That girl beside me sure looks good doesn't she?

Perpetually disgusting.



Thanks for being there for me at every turn of my life. For being my main source of advice and keeping me grounded. And I have to admit, most( if not all) of what you stand for rings true at the end of the day.

Thanks for the immense sacrifices that you've made for all of us and for your love.

Mum, you're the best (and Pa too of course :p) and I Love You.


Luciano Pavarotti
October 12 1935 – September 6 2007

Life is short and fragile. You just never know.

And I've realised that a long time ago.

"I think a life in music is a life beautifully spent and this is what I have devoted my life to"
(Luciano Pavarotti. Taken from his official site)

How apt.



Many of the kids were lying in this position on the floor.

There was a mix of young and old in the home.

Teatime consisted of fruits and cake.

I love this picture of Xiu nuan! XD She was preparing fruits for the children and errrr, I don't know how did this shot came about. Very mischievous and evil look. Haha

All in!!

The girl to the far left just loves to sing 'Tong Hua' (:

When we first arrived, we felt kinda awkward. We were standing around not knowing what to do. And this girl actually called me over to play with her. From then on, we relaxed and managed to mix well with them.

Jia hui, Wayne, Li ling and Annie with a kid who simply loves people to carry him around. :p (right jia hui?) xD

This trip has resounded again the voice of thankfulness within me. I just feel sooo blessed. When you compare yourself with these people at the home, you really just can't complain much about yourself. Whatever so called 'impairments' we have, will never be able to equate with what these kids are going through.

So, instead of yapping and complaining about your situation; Take a deep breath, clear your head, think straight and be thankful.

That's the least we could do anyway.


Just got back to ridzuan after a whole day out. I haven't done any work for today!! Grrr......

In the afternoon, went to the spastics children home for our moral project. We had a great time mixing around and playing with them. Another group from MMU cyberjaya was there for their project too.

This has got me thinking : Is it only during projects such as this that we would venture into welfare homes? What about during our routine lives? Would we be willing to spend our time with them? Just to light up their lives? Or do we only venture in when there is something in return for us? If that's the case, it's kinda hypocritical ain't it?

Me and li ling later joined mas for rubee's bowling tournament in pyramid lanes. Rubee managed to get third place. Congrats girl.. :p

After dinner in mcD, we went around and bought a few random stuff.

Now, I'm at home face with my assignments. Moral's mid-term exam is on friday, minor essay on the Atlantuya murder trial is due on the 24 and I haven't done my readings for CRR yet.

Ahhhh.......Time for multi-tasking......


The dudes over at my apartment has purchase a new router after the old one started to misbehave and refused to work. And for now the new guy in is working very well indeed. All of us are happy men and will all sleep with contented smiles on our faces tonight(If we do ever get to bed).

Just had our Star scholarship award ceremony today and I'll post pictures and refine it in the next few posts. I need a camera!!! Anyone having any old mobile with a reasonable 'pixeled' camera in it? You know who to contact. :P

Two of my favourite sportsman has retired in quick succesion. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Tim Henman (He will retire after the Davis Cup). Sad la. I'll post a tribute to both of them soon.

Nitez everyone.

Oh. And this is my 100th post. *pats own back*