Be a good girl and my apologies for the late wish. ((:

Dawn is my cousin FYI. She'll be reading this I know... :P


Am blogging in one of taylor's many labs. Waiting for the 2 pm lecture and am boring myself using the internet.


I'll update on my life so far in taylors. Not now though, let me get my facts right first. Later, later.

There's an orientation dinner tonight for new students being held at campus. I'm still undecided, seems like banyak of my friends are not going. My Indonesian housemate's going though, so that's a piece of good news.


Let's sum up day 1 of learning to ride my new bike with clutch. Ok, I ended up with a bloody leg due to a fall, I had a few sudden engine failures on the road thanks to me being a noob at clutches (the motobike's. I don't use the other kind even though I have a bad leg).

And a doctor charged me RM26 for 5 mins of service, 1 teeny-winny bottle of antiseptic potion for my wound(which is rather deep on one side),some painkillers and some green pills for swelling.

Other than that, I had a good time. Really. I went through almost one half of Sungai Long and paid a visit to the many friendly(I guess la) neighbourhoods around. Is it just me, or is the design structure for the neighbourhoods' just limited to 2?

There's a nice pasar malam going on near my uncle's apartment, but i don't think i'll go because of my leg. Besides, it's raining lightly over here.



Oh my! Oh my!! *gives a huge war whoop*

Matchbox twenty will be releasing their new album 'Exile on mainstream' on Oct 2nd. The album could include as many as 6 new cuts, plus 11 prior hits.

Grammy-winning producer Steve Lillywhite is overseeing the sessions in L.A., marking the band's first work with the renowned producer – whose credits include the likes of U2, The Rolling Stones, Dave Matthews Band, Peter Gabriel, Talking Heads, and many others.

For those poor souls of you who hasn't the faintest idea who matchbox twenty is, go dig a hole in the ground, and stick your head in it.

But if your head's too big for the hole and you're interested in making friends with the band, click here.


Nice or not?nice or not? Coming real soon folks...stay tuned...


Hi veron!
First of all, i going to apologise for grabbing your gorgeous picture without permission. Sorry :D

I still remember the first time you contacted me through friendster after Huge 05.That alone shows what are friendly person you are. Who heard of girls contacting boys anyway (: Since then, we didn't really have the chance to speak face-to face till my cousins home warming. And my goodness, you CAN talk! Before meeting you face to face, i somehow had the funny thought that it wasn't possible for us to talk the talk (in other words, crap), but i guess you proved me wrong. :P

We didn't have the chance to celebrate our 'achievements' in stpm together as we said we would as you had to fly off to kiwiland in febuary for further studies even before our results were announced. But truth be told, you are way better than me! Getting a perfect CGPA of 4.00.

The last time you contacted me was when we wished you happy birthday through friendster and msn. Time flies so fast.... I wished i could have been a better friend to you..

I have read your multiply blog and it has greatly encouraged me. And I know it has lifted up many people too especially those of us who were connected with you.

I know that you are now rejoicing in heaven and for that i'm glad. But, for us, you will forever remain etched in our hearts. I believe that in your short twenty years here on earth, you had and will continue to encourage, uplift those of us who had the priviledge of knowing you.

Time and life to be exact is so short. One moment you're here and the next...Even though it's been nearly a month since the day you left us, there are still times when i wonder to myself whether or not it's all just a dream.

Till we meet again my beloved sister.

http://castleintheair.multiply.com/ (veron's blog. She only started it not too long before she went to be with Big Daddy. Do take a look. I believe you will be encouraged as well.)
You are truly in the castle in heaven with our Father.


Commentator 1 : And where is David beckham now?

Commentator 2 : I believe he's in the United states isn't he?

Oh my.


You will buy me this. Yes you. Because I ask you to. Go. Now. And to be a nice boy, you'll only need to get me one.

Vox AC 30

Matchless DC 30
Fender Twin Reverb


Sony Eriksson T630 is up and running ! Yeah baby !

Drat, now i have to shift my documents in 2 other mobiles to my Sony. I regreted not listening to mum's advice to repair the mobile earlier on when it first rosak. That was like ermmm..... I can't even remember. But I know i did blogged bout' it.


Tempered Mental will be launching their debut album : "The View From Here".

-4th of July 2007
-Laundry Bar (the Curve)
-Free entrance
-The album will be available for the very first time then.
-Early birds get free band merchandise.

Those who are able to go, please do so in support of them! Man, how i wish i could be there. Sigh. Since I listened to 'honestly' a few years back, i was hooked. Then i remembered watching Melina and band on Rock the World video. Fuyoh, love the way she plays the bass. I have a soft spot for girls who can rock on the bass. :p Anyway, I can't make it unfortunately. Anyone going please do help me get the album. (And the merchandise if possible.haha) (: The whole band is technically skilled in fact. Not just Melina.

This is Melina

Ok, in other news, when to watch Transformers with pay lun yesterday. Excellent visuals, very nice do on the robots and the fight scenes. I only wished the climate fight between optimus and megatron could have been longer and using better weapons than just their fists! But an excellent movie nonetheless.



With some of the staff.

Ying Ting.

With Yi Zhen. A very talented guitarist. With a nice guitar to boot.


Congratulations to Bergson and Mei !! Happily married on June 30th. Man, it just seemed like yesterday when bergson would teach me, joel and job drums before Hurray Arrows starts. The ceremony was held in my church Muar AG.

The ceremony in progress
Liang performed a song dedicated to the couple.
Ps Julie Khoo shared a msg on marriage. Interesting....
Exchanging their vows with Rev Katherine Tay officiating.
I just love cameras, don't you?
Ahh...you know what's next.
Recessional of the bride and groom.
To Bergson and Mei ; May the Lord's abundant blessings be poured upon your marriage, may the love and bond between the two of you remain and continue to grow stronger. May you be fruitful in everything that you do, serving the Lord with fervent hearts and shining for Him both as a couple and individuals !! =D