Apparently I should be getting an A for my maths if I'm ever taking that ghastly subject again.

5 Nov = Next Friday?!

That was what I thought until Timothy burst my bubble this evening.

"Eh, Joash, we don't have time left for the assignments you know..."

"What? SPS and ML essays due next Friday ma, 5th of November right?, still got time la"

"Err...dude...5 Nov is this coming Monday."

"As in this coming Monday?"



I was still on a cloud of euphoria until this conversation.


Seems like sleep is going to take a step back.

Yeah, yeah, I knew I was that brilliant. So don't rub it in.


CCS report and CRR analysis essay due on friday.

: /


So I was strolling at Pyramid with Mas and Ling the other day and stumbled upon A Cut Above's charity drive. RM 10 a head. Interesting as I badly needed one.

Before haircut. Hoping to get a 'Before-After' picture.

After the haircut. What the heck. Haha. Small difference eh?

Perhaps the most noticeable difference. Pathetic.

The face : "Haircut meh?" I had to endure a skin snipping-nervous hands wobbling-hour long cut from a dude belonging to the academy.

That is why I prefer my haircut-aunty over in Muar. Knows what I want and delivers. Most of the time anyway.

But I refuse to think of it as money down the drain....hooo nooo man.

And NO MORE SPIKES! At this moment anyways.


I am growing increasingly frustrated with blogger, the newest problem being taking nearly 2 hours just to create a new post.

The play 
Silver Airplanes on friday was excellent but the coney dog for supper tasted like rubber...

As promised, here's a few of the pics I took during the concert. They're not of the best quality as I was using Kah Ren's cam and I had zero idea on how to use it. But, I tried. Some are fuzzy even after editing.



More photos of the concert available here.



Friday's concert was a blast! I took a few pictures and will upload it once I have the time to edit it.

Anyway, life's been really busy and I have multiple assignments due to be handed in! It's crazy! So, my life = Work+Eat+Sleep+Heroes+Internet

Makes sense to anyone of you here? =P

So for today, I'll just give an update on the albums I'm planning to get next. For those of ya who's not familiar with me, just to let you know that one of my pleasures in life is to buy and collect music albums! Heheh. It can get expensive but I'm controlling it! (=

Anyway, here goes....

I've always been a fan of Paul's music and am really excited about his newest release. A really great worship leader, great music and experience.

One of the few artists out there who incorporates funk into his music! Being a great fan of funk, I find it severely lacking in today's artists. His musical style is diverse and ranges from rock, soul, funk, reggae, ballads and even folk! As I said earlier though, it's all about the funk....This album isn't exactly new (released in 2000) but I'm getting it anyway.

One of my favourite bands e-v-e-r. Period. It's a pity Adam Gaynor (the rhythm guitarist) had to leave. But with drummer Paul Doucette replacing him on the guitars, I'm interested in seeing how this will turn out. This album has 6 new hits and 11 past hits. Go get it! This is from the band who brought you hits like 3 a.m, bright lights, unwell, push and many more!


Me and my cousin did this test while I was spending my Raya hols over at their place.

I guess Jasher was in a good mood because the test cross him up with the drums. His intrument of choice.

Hmm...so I thought, "Why not? Give it a go." Who knows? I may unearth some hidden talent.

And then I got back my result.

You Should Play the Accordion

You are eccentric, funky, wacky... definitely one of a kind.
People have trouble putting you in any one particular category. You definitely have your own thing going on.

You are a born entertainer. No wonder you'd be perfect as an one man (or one woman) band.
Your musical influences likely cross all genres - and blend together in a very unusual way.

While you are definitely offbeat, you also enjoy tradition and influences from the past.
It's just your style to take an old fashioned instrument like the accordion and make it uniquely yours.

Your dominant personality characteristic: your total inhibition

Your secondary personality characteristic: your interest in obscure activities and subjects

Hmmm...Jasher burst out laughing. I did too. Hahaha.....

Maybe I should just give up the guitar and move on to a different pasture? =P

Anyway, just to pass the time. I've finish the AIDS report for moral edu but I'm not done studying for the quiz. As you can see, I still have ample time to kill and laze around, with the quiz starting in a few hours time. Lalalalala......

Ok, gotta chiong a few last facts into my cranium before sleeping.



Catch one of my favourite Malaysian band live this friday!

Altered Frequency has been making waves in the the malaysian scene and aboard since their first album was released way back in the year 03.

This will be their first ever solo concert so make sure you guys and girls come and lend your support! =)

Anyone who's interested in going do drop me a message as I'll be a lone ranger there. I could do for some company. =P



So it's official. I'm being diagnosed by the doctor as having measles after a bout of fever that started on my birthday.

And my birthday. Wow, huge thanks and respect to all my friends for the wishes, blessings, presents and many more. An extra BIG thanks for those who went the extra mile for the surprise party and the second one over in the afternoon. Oh, and Kenneth for the great time at Maison =P

I'm so sorry for not replying to most of the messages but I promise you I will when I have the sufficient energy to do so!

A BIG HUG TO YA' ALL .......... ((=


For some confounded reason, I'm having trouble trying to coax my drawing to cooperate with the previous post. Here it is in it's own post.

Ok, this post is in behalf of those who are curious of the wounds on my right palm and leg. As many of you expect (or suspect), I in fact WAS involved in an accident.

For any of you who's interested in reviving it, here's a recap. Sorry no pictures, not that I remembered to take any anyway.heh.

As shown on my ugly fugly drawings, the black worm thing represents me on my scrambler. The red lines shows my trail. The lime green worm is the guy who knocked me with his wira and the blue lines represents his.....yup, you guess it, trail.

So I left Ridz around 8 plus at night wanting to withdraw money from Taylor's teller machine. But turns out, oh joy, it isn't in service. So, naturally, the next best thing for me was to head to bandar sunway's maybank to withdraw.

Everything was going smoothly for yours truly until I begun travelling on the NPE. I was doing between 40-50 kmH. Nothing more than that and i'm pretty sure of it because my tyre pressure was running low and I didn't want to aggravate it's condition by speeding. All's still well until I spotted a U-turn on my right hand side. Thinking it was for me to take, I signalled to my right and began slowing down. It was only when I was parallel to it when I realised that it was in fact for the opposite side's traffic! (Heck, I didn't know they closed ours down due to the major road renovations). It was during that spilt second when.......Ahh, now the purple colour comes into play. =P

So, Joash was flung from his bike unto the dusty, hard concrite Malaysian road. And I must tell you this : IT.IS.A.MIRACLE that I suffered so minor injuries. That car was going at quite a high speed. (The guy will protest that, but I'll come to it later on). In a split second, from being on a bike, I found myself sitting on the dirt floor.

Ok, I'll paused here. Who do you think was in the wrong? Give your 2 sens worth.

So the dude comes running back to me and to his credit, asked my condition, helped to start my bike again etc etc. But he was sure that I was in the wrong because it is the left side of his car that's dented not the right. Hmmmm....being rather dazed, I just bluntly took it all in. He told me to go to caltex to settle it as he had a meeting with a client there (In fact, one of the first things he did after knocking me down was to tell me that he was running late and then promptly called his client to notify him of the delay. So, you can see where his mind was and hence me believing he was speeding). After picking up some bits and pieces of my bike and managing to start it again, we or rather him decided to settle it in caltex.

To cut a long story short, I managed to contact uncle and got him to talked with the guy. And I think uncle and the guy had a miscommunication on the phone because when the guy returned the mobile to me, uncle told me that the guy has agreed not to sette anything with me as I was still a student. But the moment I ended the call, the guy said

"So how are we gonna settle this? I don't mind going to the station but it all depends on you"

So I told him that I'll give it a thought and I'll contact him the next day. He agreed and we exchanged our particulars and parted as gentlemen. Throughout this, he was being friendly and thoughtful. He even told me to, "Go home, have a good rest, discuss with your parents and uncle on your next course of action and let me know tomorrow."

Fair enough. That was wednesday night. The day before my democracy presentation.

I'll continue part 2 in the next post. ;P

Dang. My clothes are still in the washer machine.



The string of my tennis racquet has unstrung itself coupled together with yesterday's biking incident.

= #


There's nothing like having 2 guitars together and jamming.

And when the desire to worship is there, He is there.



Let the good times roll in nottingham! =P