I'm resigning from my job next wednesday. More information to be provided later on.

Joel just got for me LINCON BREWSTER's cd AMAZED. Yippe. I've been searching for that cd for some time already. He got it at MPH in Mid valley. I'm hoping to get PAUL BALOCHE's GOD OF WONDERS next. I only have the cassette and it's half baked by the sun.

I've just realise that my posts are getting shorter and shorter. haha. But it's just that i'm working around 11 hours per day during this CNY period. It sucks i know. But i'm perservering. Money isn't easy to earn you know. I've worked at pizza hut before; but the value of money hasn't really hit me then. I've realise that i need to be accountable for the money i spent. In a way, i'm being accountable to God too for the providence that he has provided me with.

Finance management. One of the things i NEED to brush up this year.

My STPM results will be announced soon. I can only hope for the best. Anyone reading this post, please do pray for my results.

All the best to all my STPM/SPM friends!!!


I've just work more than 12 hours at the restaurant.

After 2 days off, it's work as usual. And even more taxing as it's CNY period.

Back to reality.


I just love the build up to CNY!!

Love everything bout it. The crowded malls, traffic jams, the weird new year songs and the ang pows!

I spend the whole morning with some of the youths finishing the oranges project at Carol's home. We had a good time. And thanks much to uncle Dennis for the pizzas!!!yum yum. (:

Had reunion lunch with the relatives from my mother's side. The food looked good, but i didn't eat much. (!!!). We watched also watched the movie THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. Not bad really, it shows Anne hathaway moving into a more serious role.

I'm staying over at my relative's place tonight in melacca. We're having reunion dinner there tonight with my father's side of relatives.

Below is the new clothes i have for CNY.

HAPPY CNY eve everyone!!!


It's kinda late for this, but to every couple young and old.


I spend VALENTINE working as uussuuaalll. Didn't have the opportunity to eat chocolates and see PRINCESS HOURS. (:

At night, spend some time around town shopping. Bought :




-Guitar picks

-Guitar strap lock

Later, went over to living water church to visit pay lun and his family. Pay lun's great grandma just passed away. My deepest condolences to them. But, there wasn't much crying over there. Most, if not all of the relatives there are christians. But hey, it's a time to celebrate. To celebrate pay lun's great grandma's entering into the kingdom of God. I had a good time chatting with them,making new friends and eating!!!

I'm working the whole day tomorrow...



Worked the whole day today AGAIN.

Well, VALENTINE is up next.

I'll just spend that day treating myself chocolates while watching PRINCESS HOURS.



I've got my tight jeans today!

Got it from the brand Edwin. Quite good brand me thinks.


I'm almost embarrassed to say this.

I got it from the section of MISS EDWIN. Go figure.

The reason being because the colour was good and the price was alright.

As mention in my previous post; as long as it looks good....

You get the picture.


I've bought my sneakers.yay!!((:

Got it at a dirt cheap price. Ah well, it ain't converse anyway.

For me, i mostly buy stuff that look good and are affordable. I do occasionally splash on branded stuff though. But most of the time, cheap is good (:

I gotta run. I need to change the size of my new sneakers and am having music practise.

I'm late!


My back aches.

It aches bad.

I worked solo with the restaurant aunties today. Pay lun called in saying he wasn't feeling well. Oh well. It seems that i was doing both our works today. 11 wonderful hours.

It could've been worse. A big thank you to AUNTY SIEW LAN and AH FENG for helping me clear up the shop before closing. Ah feng is aunty siew lan's daughter btw. She wasn't working today but she came with her dad and bro to pick up aunty siew lan.

Thank you again. You guys were God-send i must say.

Boss' wife gave me the option to take a day off tomorrow. But i don't think i'll take it. I WANNA work. Can you believe it??

I'm off to eat peanutbutter sandwiches.



Went shopping for CNY clothes today. I went with high expectatations. Wanted to get myself a collared shirt and tight jeans.

Finally, i landed myself with a new collared shirt. But couldn't get myself the tight jeans. Either it was too expensive, or the design was too extravagant. Only then i realised that i had no suitable sneakers to go with tight jeans EVEN if i had bought one.


So, im contemplating buying those converse-like street sneakers. I can't afford converse at the moment!

Tight jeans or sneakers?

Tight jeans AND sneakers?

Tight jeans?




I love patient people.

I guess patience shows a lot about yourself. Even more so for me while working as a waiter. For example, during peak hour today, we served a table of 3. As we were REALLY peaked that day, they had their food delayed. When i served them their belated food and apologised, the young lady smiled and said,"it's alright, what's important is that we got our food". I tell you, during the busy-ness of that period, i was extremely touched and encouraged by her attitude. How i wish everyone had her attitude. For me, im not even sure i'll behave the same way.

I truly believe that patience tells a lot about a person. Patience (or impatience at that) is able to show a person's true colours. Whether or not you're able to withstand the heat, the pressure. Are you gonna keep cool?or blow up?

I believe losing our patience and flaring up will do nothing but create more trouble. Not only for the other side but ourselves too. I'm not saying that we should go on to the extent of being pushovers. I know there's a limit to a person's patience. We should by no means let ppl get over us.

But that's a different story.

Patience shows the amount of impatience that you DON'T have.

I'd rather have patience in me rather than impatience.

Does this post make sense? I hope it does. Well, to me at least.


I'm contemplating on changing the address name of my blog.

joashwee@blogspot.com doesn't seem to suit my taste somehow.

Any ideas on what add i should change to?

what about....


urrgh....i'm as disgusted as you are....

I have nothing to blog about.


My life evolves round carrying big bowls of assam fish. Oh, and add in some garlic peeling...


On another note, our youths are selling mandarin oranges in conjuntion with the upcoming CHINESE NEW YEAR
We're having 2 packages.
Package 1 includes mini oranges + card + sweets = RM 1
Package 2 includes oranges + card + sweets = RM 3 (2 for RM 5)

For both packages, add in 2 bucks and you'll get a smooch from me.

Any takers?


Spend more than 11 hours at work today. I'm spend. Gotta make the notes for the dvd later.

Sorry for the short and simple post guys! ((:


p/s : I can't make it to the aya festival this year. : ( My apologies to those whom i have disappointed. Real sorry guys. Enjoy the festival!!

Woke up today feeling seriously uncomfortable. In fact, woke up several times prior to that. My whole body seemed heated up. Had to go work, so unwillingly pulled myself out of bed. Had breakfast and then took some chinese medicine mum gave me. Felt a whole lot better after an hour or so. I was praying to God for an easier time at work today...

Thank God. Even though the restaurant was busy as-per-usual today, it seem relaxed in my perspective. I don't know why. Maybe it's the Lord's working. I even had time to actually sit down and peel chillies! The only downside was that i got it into my left eye. Talk about HOT!!
I got my first pay today! Yea.. weird thing is, i took my earnings up to the 30th of january and not 31th. Should i claim it tomorrow to avoid confusion next time?

At night, was at prayer meeting. It saddens me to see so few people in attendance. Don't they know prayer is sooo important? Prayer changes things. Prayer is a direct line to God. Available 24 hours with no service charge. For me, a few years back, i was still struggling to actually pray properly. In those days, i would always try to avoid the responsibility of praying when in a group. Words were hard to form during prayers back then. But after attending the church's prayer meeting, my ability to pray took a much better turn. I will not deny that personal time alone also helped me, but the prayer meeting played a part too. So, anyone reading this who's not in a prayer group, go find one!!hehe. It'll also give you the burden to pray and intercede for others. To actually have compassion for the less unfortunate.

Nways, mum was songleading and i played the guitar to accompany her. My head was still in a semi-dazed mode, it was hard to concentrate. We later then shared about the prayer items and then divided into prayer groups.

After prayer meeting, when out for supper with the pastors and a few others. Thanks aunty ivy for the treat! (:

I, josh and kevin later had another round with esther and her friend, gary who's studying at IMU. Esther's going to New zealand for further studies soon. All the best to her! I also found out gary was from kluang, and attends agape church there. The same church as my relatives, uncle veenu and family. Man! how i miss them! I always had good memories of kluang and i haven't been there for a few years already.

I miss the music room, the backyard football matches, watching football matches with ryan and co. and of course, good food! I MUST drop by there one of these days. Besides, i MAY be buying gary's strat. It's in KL now but he said he'll bring it back to kluang during march. We'll see how it goes.

I'm going to sleep early today. My current state can't take anymore late nights!