What The Author Has Been Up To...

I'm into my second week in Muar. Have YET to touch any of my assignments. Ah well, there's always tomorrow. (Hope it's not the sign of procrastination).

Apologies to the comments which I have yet to reply. I've replied.

And I will be back in Ridz by friday. And will be attending a consultation camp organised by FES.

Anyways, my cousin's dog Chomel, stolen a few days ago from her home in SS15, has been found! Which is a miracle in itself. Considering the dog's breed and the fact that Malaysia is no longer safe for dogs to roam the streets. God knows what they do to all those kidnapped pups...

Went for a jam session with the boys over at Bangsar @ Home Studio.

All Systems Go! (ASGO)

Amir had a swanky new hardcase for his strat.

And Taleeb's dressed up as if he just came back from an Amway meeting.

Alif, filling in for the bass spot. Or is it permanently?

I didn't like the strat provided by the studio. Not maintained as well as I would have liked. But as long as it's playable and with six strings...

And we accomplised something from that session. 2 new songs! One almost complete with the lyrics while the other without it.

Mid-Autumn Festival. Had mooncakes by the pool in Ridz with old and new friends. 

I spotted Look, my old room mate walking around with a lantern. So, I nicked it from him to take a shot. That's Cindy on the left and Christine who I think organised this. She's from Indonesia. Likes to laugh. 

We had a few assignments crammed in just before mid-term.

And this is Tim's (who insists he doesn't go to the library) way of choosing academic books to read. Take your pick. Ingenious Timmy. :p

Trying out Tim's handset's camera. This is cam-whoreness at its best.

So, finally an update. :)

How la to be a celebrity blogger. Haha. I bet Kenny Sia's posts for a week exceeds mine for a month.



ISA is...

I Simply Arrest. This coming from one of Greg's friends. I find this very true. Where else on earth do you arrest people using a law that was from post-colonial times? An act that was initially to curb the communist movement?

Only one word for those in power who still has the gall and mentality to wield this law.

No balls.


Sorry to say that la. While I do agree that such an act is useful and perhaps imperative to bring hardcore criminals into detention, these people has interpellated the act in such a way as to use according to their whim and fancy.

So scared izzit? Then make change in this country lah!

Don't always go around snapping up people in the hope that this will silence the majority. Who do you take us for?

Haven't you heard of the saying 'The harder you fall, the harder you bounce'?

At the end of the day, all accusations will lead back to you.


Yes, Tennis Again

3 main points I hope to incorporate into my playing.

1) Arms always follow through after a shot. Doesn't matter if its from half court.

2) Foot movement. Keep it moving and react early for shots!

3) Have a 'loose' and relaxed playing style. See Fed and Gasquet for example.

But when the half chance or opportunity arises, ATTACK!


Still The King

Initially at the beginning of the year, I was wishing that the young guns would all gun Fed Ex to the ground and actually challenge him for the number 1 spot.
Now I'm wishing for the reverse.
After witnessing the incredible Wimbledon final where Rafa manages to scrap through with a famous victory, I found myself from supporting Nadal at the beginning to actually shouting and rooting for the Roger as the match progresses through the half-way mark.
It is still apparent the desire to win is still pumping in Roger's blood and that alone motivates me to be on his side. It isn't easy to have 12 grand slams and still have that motivation and desire to step out into the practice courts everyday to prepare for that one big match.
And now he has 13 grand slams.
Andy Murray, one of the young 'contender' played amazing tennis for 2 weeks before going down to Fed. The very fact he managed to beat another talented youngster Del Potro in the quarterfinals (who was on a hot 23 match winning streak), is testament to this kid's ability. Besides, he reminds me of John McEnroe.
So I hope there's more for Roger in the few years that he has left in the game.
Reclaim the number 1 spot!
This promises to be an interesting tug-of-war between Rog and the rest of the young pack.


Man City Is The New Chelsea

Sorry Roman, but it seems your financial status is being severely tested.

This is something no man has achieved before.

The things we do in lecture.

We had a surprise dinner for Natalie on friday night over at Little Italy in Puchong. Many Pro photographers there. So I took only one very humble shot. Of my drink. And half empty summore. VEry humble.

Was messing with Joman's fisheye. Using my mobile.


Shrek. Using the 3G cam. So not clear lor.

That's about it. Serving for the first time in HPA sunday morning.

Don't hold back Joash, don't hold back.

Happy Puasa-ing to all my Muslim friends.



So I guess it's true of the saying 'The early bird catches the worm'.

No matter how late you wake up the next day, that previous late night will result you in being tired, lacking energy, and all in all low productivity.

Take for example my tennis game today, most of my shots were long and lacking 'punch'. In fact, I couldn't think of a time when I was as tired as this after a game.

So this calls for a change, a switch for the better. Guaranteed there's still bound to be late nights as per usual, but I'm gonna try to cut it down.

Yay me.


Tun Michael

My mum made a really quirky passing comment the other day. Astro was showing one of its Malaysian Olympic moments and our new Datuk was as usual the focal point.

Mumsy said," Just think of what would Michael Phelps be rewarded if he was a Malaysian?"


As all of you know, Datuk Lee won the silver medal in Badminton after going down to Lin Dan in the final.

And as EVERYONE knows, Michael Phelps won an unprecedented 8 goal medals in Beijing.

Let's do some maths shall we?

Datuk Lee: 1 silver
= RM 300,000 + RM 3000 pension + 'Datuk'

Michael: 8 golds (3 team- RM 150,000 for each winning member)
= 5 x RM 1 million + 3 x RM 150,000 +RM 5000 pension
= RM 5 million + RM 450,000 + RM 5000 pension
= RM 5,450,000 + RM 5000 pension.

Not to say Phelps isn't a millionaire already.

And maybe the title 'Tun' for the record breaking athletic?

What say you?