The Better Side Of The Colour Red

I love this picture!

It shows some of the United faithful in TCPJ. Taken the day after we thrash Poo 3-0.

Poor Sabby lost a bet to Tim and had to wear the colours of United!

But we all know she WANTED to eh? ;)

*There's Only One United*


Good Friday

Ain't she cute?

Ps Betty ended her sermon by encouraging the congregation to step forward to spend a few moments to meditate on what the Lord has done for us, what the cross means to us.

And a bonus! Aunty Ivy went with Ps Kat and Mary to Oz to preach at a few churches and to attend the Hillsong's Colour Your World Women's Conference. Look what she brought back for me.

Yup guys, this is the Part 1, The I Heart Revolution: With Hearts as One album. The newest release in the Hillsong United series. It features a whooping 30 tracks all recorded live around the globe from Toronto, Cape Town, Chicago, Houston, Kiev, Manila, Buenos Aires, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney plus many more.

The second part, The I Heart Revolution: We're All in This Together is a double DVD set which will be released in June.

For your info, for the Kl leg, they included the song 'Came To My Rescue (Be lifted High)'.

It was only released 8 of March in Oz and yet to be release in the States. I reckon I must be one of the first in Msia to have it. Really cherish and appreciate it as I certainly did not expect Aunty Ivy to give me this even though I demanded for gifts before she left. =P

Well, I'll be returning to KL tomorrow afternoon and RFP assignment is due monday. Bummer.


Your Grace Is Sufficient For Me

I'm back in muar for the weekend! Busy making the most of the time available to meet up with friends. It's great that most who are outside studying have returned for the weekend save perhaps for Chingg, Lydia and Nora.

It's great to be able to spent Good Friday and Easter with my home church. I'll be playing for Easter Sunday.

And to remember the greatest day in human history. A day often overlooked in the history books in priority of human achievements. The day Christ gave Himself up for us, for all the wrongdoings that humanity has done, will do. For the joy set before Him, being me,
gave Himself up to the cross. (Hebrews 12:2)

For this, I have the assurance to know that His love, grace, mercy will always abound in me. And
when you have that assurance, let me assure you that it brings about such peace that no other(s) can bring. The joy of my salvation.

So, whenever we are at the crossroads, at wits end, desperate and in need of a best friend, you can count on Jesus to fulfill your every need and desire. He is there, and always has been. What's left is for you to respond.

I took this pictures during RFP class. Very rare to see a reflection such as this I think. Tim pointed it out to me and we were quite distracted
by it. That explains how much we were concentrating during class la.

After some editing. Love the contrast it shows. That's how it is when you walk with Jesus!

Always in the Light,
Even though darkness is all about you,
Your path will always be
colourful and bright!

Pastel themed.

May Good Friday and Easter be remembered for all the right reasons instead of fat bunnies with chocolates.


Magia And Tic Tic Mania

Hung out with Joe and the guys over at Amcorp Mall today. Aaron had a video project to record and he had his Magic Garage friends over to help. They basically have a booth set up every other weekend to demonstrate and sell their err magical stuff. Was VERY surprise to see Christopher there, another Muarian! Give us a few more decades and we Muarians will dominate KL with our hokkien. Apparently this dude has only played (ok, maybe play isn't the right word for magic-sy things) magic for over a year but he's seriously good!

We were drawing in a good size crowd over at the mall entrance when the management decided to intervine. Apparently they need a permit to do this kind of stuff. Which is funny as the magicians are in a way helping out the mall in bringing entertaiment and joy to the shoppers there especially the kids who are more than often dragged along with their parents for the weekend shopping or spending quality 'family time'.

Aaron recording proceedings.

Chris doing magik.

Ok, only Chris is in my pics but they were around 3 others there who helped out.

The 3 Js. Joash, John and Joe.

We basically walked around the mall while waiting for Aaron to round up.

Amcorp Mall has pretty good odd and end stuff here, able to fulfill the wishes of any collector, from coke bottles to china. Saw a U2 bootleg on sale. Double disc from the year 1993 if I'm not mistaken. According to this
webbie, it's one of the best U2 bootlegs EVER. Pretty good old cds on sale there. Didn't have much time to visit every booth though.

Then when to catch the movie 10,000 BC. Movie was so so. What was interesting about the movie was the name of the people and tribes in the movie. Tutt Tutt, Tic Tic, D-leh, Karen(a guy's name, no less) and a few others I can't recall. And I love the part when the hero spears the
Egyptian emperor and shouts, "This guy is not god!".

Joe has found something really cool on John's blog. Apparently this tool can test how many words you can type in a minute. So we spend a good time in the cc trying this little thing out. It's great fun but it can really tire you out.

44 words



Taylor's PJ Christian Fellowship is organising an evangelistic event on the 19th of March (Next wednesday) with Pastor Andy Yeoh of Altered Frequency sharing. Details as follow on the posters. For those aren't from campus and wish to join us, LT3 is located at B tower which houses Kurnia Insurance. Just give me a buzz if you're still in the dark.

P.S, I know one poster is sufficient but the designer(s) did such a good job I simply have to post it all!

See you!


Thank you Malaysians for the making the stand for a change.

God bless Malaysia...



So, after major hu has and what nots, the elections for the oh so democratic Malaysia will be making its run again.

I kinda regret for not going to any of the ceramahs here in Subang. Seemed very happening and all la. Nevermind, in the next 5 years if I'm still in our beloved tanah air, I'll definitely be following it all closely.

For this election, there isn't much of a difference that I can make. Other than prayer that the sickening corruption will end, the right to vote isn't in my court as yet. I just pray and hope that whichever ruling party it may be, that the most important thing on their mind is the rakyat, the community. Putting the welfare ahead any other matters. Not some shitty millions wasted to send an angkasawan into space and where does it all come to? An achivement yes, but an achivement worth for the masses? Now that's something to chew about.

But to be bloody honest with all (and this is just my personal view begging your pardon), BN will still win the majority tomorrow. There isn't much to argue about that. I'm realistic. I know that change doesn't happen that easily and at such a short time. I just hope that the right individuals, people with the guts to face up to the issues that our country is neck-choked with and having the fortitude to deal with it instead
of  just giving insistent empty promises. But from what I observed, from the 5 years since the last election, the people are now more passionate in what they believe in. More are coming forward to voice out their dissatisfaction. Imagine this scenario 5 years ago. Hard to visualize then right?

"Eh, ISA la"


Such is my low sentiment towards the goverment, that I have this feeling that they will even venture out to play their little game of subverting even before the voting gets underway. I just can't help wondering about those who are voting overseas. What about the period of the votes reaching here and it actually being released? WHO'S IN CHARGE? In any case, these votes may be the difference between justice and its antonym.

Anyway, I'm still waiting for the day when a party will be founded that truly has the rakyat as its primary focal point. Fighting for the rights of the citizens just as our forefathers 
did to steer
Malaysia to gaining its independence. Let's not ruin what they have poured their blood and sweat into.


Happy voting!


Bono Is Ma Date

Writing takes inspiration and it isn't just some way all-do it all statement. Today our new RFP lecturer Mrs G gave us 2 questions to chew over during the getting-to-know-you session. How would you define writing in a single sentence? Which famous person living or dead would you want to have dinner with?

Seemingly simple questions. But I found the writing one particularly notable to munch over with. I mean, I do love writing, but for me, anytime doesn't mean anytime if you get ma drift. There are times when even though the brain juice is working overtime, the juice just won't flow. The idea is there , the substace is just waiting for me to hold on to but when I put it out into words, I'm just not content with the results it produces.

Tireness? Maybe. Or it may be that I need some booster to turn up the confidence level. I tend to like, compare my writings with the others and that is where the comparing starts. Yeah, I know we all have different ways of pouring our thoughts into actions. So I guess improvement is the best relief pill there is. Various ways that, in that sense.

Ah, inspiration, inspiration.

Ok, enough of that. For ques 2, I chose Bono for my date. Why? Besides the usual face that he's the lead for the biggest band ever, I chose this dude because of the way he potrays himself. No celebrity ooh ahhs and definitely no chi hua huas sticking their small bony asses out of his bag. The social awareness that he's trying to create sets this guy apart from others. I mean, he could easily go, "I'm the in arguably the biggest band ever, millions rolling in, as long as I'm settled, who gives a damn bout the third world? But he doesn't.

Read this interview he gave to Rolling Stone some years back. Very insightful and gives you a glimpse of what he is fighting for. And you can tell that he knows his stuff.

Ok, enough of extolling the virtues of him. For ques 2, many varied answers came out. Jessica Alba, Jude Law (coming from a guy), Adolf Hitler, Gandhi, Tom Hanks, Princess Diana, Prince William, Oprah, Christiano Ronaldo were all mentioned. But the best came from Ivan la.

"Whoever want to pay for it then can already".