Pot bless was GREAT.

There was a lot of leftover food. Surprisingly.

More pictures to be posted later on.



Here's a recipe for a good dinner on a sunday night.

assam fish
sambal sotong
fried sotong
thai style toufu
white rice

all washed down with chinese tea or barley.


Here are some cds that i've bought recently.

Excellent stuff from the indonesian band GIGI's guitarist. This is his fourth solo instrumental album and it's good music from the word go. Nothing too heavy here. It's a bit of jazz with a lil' funk thrown in. This album was recorded in tribute to the tsunami disaster that happened in 2005. With a support group like PETER ERSKINE , REGGIE HAMILTON, and DAVE CARPENTER , nothing gets better than this.

I bought this cd on instint having read about GLENN PACKIAM and the DESPERATION BAND. Pretty good stuff.

LINCOLN BREWSTER's one of my favourite christian artist. Raw, passionate worship. His personal testimony is amazing too. Amazed is one of his older albums. I bought it because i really enjoyed his ALL TO YOU album. Good one too.

I bought ELECTRICO's hip city. Reason i'm using the above banner is because for some inscrutable reason, i can't upload their album cover. It comes out all fuzzy and blurry. What can i say about ELECTRICO?power-pop anthems, indie,rock. Oh yeah,did i mention to you about amanda? ((: But i may not be holding on to the cd for long. There's something i don't quite like and it's not the music.

My apologies to anyone if i've bored you to death with my reviews. Haha. SOWIE guys.

On another note.

Presenting to you NICOL DAVID! Champion of champions! My favourite malaysian sportperson. She has really done this country proud and she just doesn't get enough credit for it. She sums up what an athlete should be. Determined, strong, willing to take chances, family orientated, hardworking, cool headed, humble. If there's one thing Malaysian sports did right, it is discovering her talent. World no.1 and winner of the recently concluded Malaysian Open. Our NICOL is gonna take the squash world by storm for the next decade or so!!



Ahh....some spanking good chendol for a hot day.

Some of the orders available at a nyonya eatery in malacca. (Sorry,couldn't remember the name, but it's in melaka raya..if that helps..)

Too bad I don't eat malaysia's national fruit.


STPM results were announced yesterday.

My aggregate is 3.5/4. I'm quite satisfied with it. The only unsatisfied one is geography.

To be honest, this is what i've come to expect from my results.

To put it into perspective :

My results is the result of the amount of work i've put in,add in the Lord's grace and mercy and stir it all up together.

Lord, thank You. Thanks for Your grace and mercy,Your peace which surpasses all understanding,the future which You have map out for me,the lessons You are teaching me in my life,Your infinte love,always being there for me,always listening to me no matter what.




Congratulations joashwee, you are 60% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Guy Sebastian !

How Un-Malaysian Are You?




A lil' football talk here.

Who thinks that the away goals rule sucks?i mean kamon la...are you gonna judge the winner based on goals scored on the 1st leg?it ain't fair you know. I mean, look at the recent european champions league. Arsenal, inter milan, barcelona were all victims. In true fact, most of these teams played well over the second leg. Are we gonna rule that out?For me, if the ties remain at a draw over the 2 legs, the use of penalty kicks would suffice.

"Not fair le...they played better..."

"Later get heart attack.."

"You're killing the gaffers"

Yeah..yeah...whatever man. I mean,i would rather let penalty kicks decide that contest. Why?because it would show which team really had the guts and determination to go through. It is at this stage where we separate the men from the boys. Another alternative : Just play a single leg of the contest. But using that would bring into question who'll get the stadium hosting rights.

Play at a neutral stadium. But that would bring into question the tv rights payment and the sponsorships.

"Who cares about tv rights and sponsors?"

Yeah well, without moolah, the beckhams,lampards,ronaldinhos,ronaldos and the likes would be playing their football in the back alleys of England, on the beach in portugal and under the sunny sunshines of brazil. Then,we wouldn't have the opportunity to witness Ronaldinho's nutmegs or ronaldo's dazzling dribbles. Would have been a waste, wouldn't it?

But then again, if these guys are passionate about footie, they would play just for the game right? minus the lucrative deals right? Isn't football all about passion?

"How would they pay their room rent?

Quite right. In this world, people would pay for anything. Therefore, it hardly surprises me to see ballack and shevchenko being paid 130,000 and 125,000 POUNDS per week to play rubbish football.

"ballack just scored in the champions league"

Just?why not 6 months back at the beginning of it?

"Sheva has scored 3 league goals lerh..."

HAHAHAHAHA. Puh-leeezeee.

So, therefore :

the beckhams and ronaldos need their pay + the clubs 'need' tv rights and sponsorships + stadium hosting rights for both teams (everyone's happy) + away goals(they LOVE seeing so- called unfairness rule) = 2 legs


So we INDEED need 2 legs to decide the match.

Wait till i'm UEFA president. Heh.


Ais kacang, ais kacang, how i love thee
you make me glad when tongues are dry
so ais kacang, don't ever leave me
i'll need you when the weather's weary

paint, paint, paint is the name
wonder why it's so washy
avoid it or you're game


I've bought a pet tortoise. It's green in colour and its name is ZEEK. Don't ask me why that name. It just hit me. That's why.I hasn't had much luck with pet or plants for that matter. Once i had a few small guppy fishes as pets. I kept them in my room in a plastic cookery basin owned by my siblings. One fateful day, as malaysia was experiencing one of its wonderful climates, i returned to my room and found the basin dried up. Go figure.

I then decided to experiment with cactus. I bought one and named it JACKIE. I wanted to keep jackie in my room. Lo and behold, i found out there wasn't enough sunlight. So jackie was send to the toilet. I faithfully watered jackie for a period of time. Unfortunately, my passion with jackie died out and it was neglected. On and off, i did watered it though. As my passion for jackie died out, so did jackie. It began to perished slowly but surely. The tell-tale signs were the black patches found on jackie's body.

One day, i found jackie with it's body DEFLATED. It was quite black or moldy or whatever-you-call-it. It was quite sad actually. Jackie was holding a place of its own in the toilet.

But not to worry, now i have zeek. ((:


I've finally paid up all my faith pledge and tithes for the year 06. I absolutely sucked last year when it comes to financing. This is one of my goals this year : To be better adept in my financing and to be accountable to The Lord for what i do with my life..

Nora has bought for me PAUL BALOCHE's GOD OF WONDERS. (((: One of my favourite christian artiste. Sounds cliche but you can just sense the presence of God. Amazing guy serving an AMAZING God. I'm currently listening to MICHAEL W SMITH's WORSHIP loaned to me by carol. Great too.

ManU 1 - 0 Liverpool

What can i say? 90++ minute, reina spills ronaldo's free kick, o'shea pops up and bangs in the winner. The red side of manchester is gonna welcome home the premiership trophy.

Sorry chelsea fans.


YES!!! I have finally completed my application to Nanyang Uni. Been procrastinating for WEEKS and it's finally done. All that's left to do is to get a few documents approved by my former school and to submit it to the nanyang office.

I've already stopped working as afore mentioned in my previous post. The reasons? To be honest, there are a few. One of it is the suppossedly low pay promised to us for the CNY period. (But, they somehow changed their minds and offered me a higher CNY pay when i collected my pay on the last day).

I initially didn't want to make a fuss out of the pay when it was first mentioned to us. But as my uncles say, " you have to fight for your rights and your stand even though you're just working as a waiter". Well, it did make sense. And believe me when i say that the initial pay for the CNY period was too low for working during the errrrr..... CNY period.

Another reason is that i'm gonna start applying to the various Unis that i'm interested in. I'm unable to balance working and applying at the same time.haha. My fault at that.

Another is complacency. I'm starting to get a LIL' bored there.haha. Another lousy reason. But, during my time there, i've made great friends there and we'll surely keep in contact. Love you guys!!

I'm just gonna slack for a few weeks and may work again. MAY.

I've been enjoying this past few days. Just the other day, I and Jek (who was back for CNY hols and has since gone back to KL) went to pay lun's home to hang out. We had a good time yakking, watching SOUND OF MUSIC (i LOVE it,in case you're wondering). Jek and pay lun wanted to eat supper at midnight. I was against it (wet blanket) as it was raining and it was well, midnight. But in the end, we all adjoined to 7-11 where we bought cup mees and snacks and went back to pay lun's crib to watch PAN'S LABYRINTH. The movie was not bad in my opinion. But for Jek and pay lun...

Jek : What was that?... what category does this movie falls in?? Slow paced too. As bad as GHOST RIDER!!

Pay lun : Waste my time. (it was past 4 when the movie ended)

Both their comments were about the same larh. Kinda intertwined together.

For me, i was thinking of sleeping......