Wow. What a day yesterday. Had to rush my CCS assigment. Finish at 3pm. Rushed all the way back to ridzuan, threw a few stuff into the bag, and took a cab to the setia jaya transit station.

Bus back to Muar was at 4pm. The very efficient ktm was delayed 2 times, which cause me to nearly have a fit. End of the day, reached pudu at only 4.40pm. Managed to changed my ticket to the 9pm bus.

Went over to KFC where I spend the rest of the time playing FM 07 on my lappie. Had pepsi poured all over me by an aunty who must have been too jealous of my Fender shirt. Had a change of shirt, didn't change my jeans though; Just realised I forgotten to bring my sandals back AGAIN...

Maharani bus was late by approximately 27 minutes (Yea, I counted, didn't have anything else to do). Got to know a girl named Janice who is doing marketing over at UTAR sungai long and chatted with her all the way back to Muar. And I celebrated Merdeka in the bus. :p

Happy 50th Merdeka anyway.


I totally sucked at pool today. Totally. I didn't even managed to hit the cue properly. Didn't know what came over me...... XD


Here's how the freezer over at my place looked like one week ago.

There's a sundry shop over at my apartment where they bring in the most absolutely spanking 'licious RM 1 Magnolia vanilla and choc cone ice-cream. Only problem is that they only stock it once every 2 weeks. I and my roommie were fortunate enough to stumble upon the jewels when they first arrived. Naturally for ice-cream lovers, we stocked up.

We then messaged Andry, my indonesian housemate(also an ice-cream lover coincidently) to tell him bout it. Here's his response :

"Buy me ten"

Hmmm...and i thought i was being kiasu for stocking up on the dessert.


Behold! The newest aquisition to the guitar family. I got this baby a few weeks back, but didn't had the time or resources available for me to post it.

For the uninitiate, this is a FENDER guitar. One of the finest guitar companies around. This is a 1996 Fender Standard Fat Stratocaster. Got it via second hand through gary's bro. If anyone has bothered to read my blog a few months ago, this is the guitar I was gussing about.

Granted, this is from the mexico plant, not the states, but still, IT'S A FENDER!! (:

But, bummer, I haven't really had the chance to familiarise myself with it. The only times I plugged it to the amp was when I was test running it, the performance and during p+w when I was back for the weekend in Muar.

My amp and effects are back in Muar. I'm thinking of bringing it up to pee-jay but I don't think I'll have much time to really play it anyway.


The logo that's worth the price of the guitar. Every Fender has it's own unique serial number. As shown, mine is MN6119545.

Front look.


Mine comes with a modified Dimarzio Fred at the bridge and Dimarzio saddles.


Finally the streamyx has arrived. What was supposed to arrive a few weeks earlier has finally made its presence felt in our apartment.

I'm just gonna blame it on Telekom for the delay. But, all's good. All's good.

No longer do I have to go to skip lab after lab in taylors to do my research and stuff. No longer do I have to endure those game freaks who are obnoxiously loud in their play of dota and counter-strike.

Let's just hope that I don't have any late nights. (:


I took this vid the other day while in the ktm. As you can see, the ktm isn't moving, so...go figure. :p

I just thought it was a lil' bit humorous...


Back in college. I'm starting to miss sotong already! Literally stuffed myself with it during the weekend back in muar.

The performance was ermmm ookkaayy... First 2 songs were alright, last song 'Perfect' wasn't exactly pleasing to the ears. I thought we kinda sounded like cats wailing into the mike especially during the chorus and bridge. And Gerald said it was good. heh. I dunno if he's serious or just trying to be nice. But who knows? We may have sounded like angels to the crowd as there weren't any sound monitors on stage for us. To the uninitiated, moniters is to us as chicken is to chicken rice. Seems like almost everytime i perform, there isn't even one sound monitor in sight. Heh.

On the KTM back to setia jaya, i sat in front of a malay girl who was just snitched of her mobile. From what i gather, it seems like she lost it when she was squeezed into a crowd. I kinda like it when her girl friend said, " That's why i use a large bag, much harder for the thief to find what he wants." :p errm...

Girls, and guys too, please do be extra careful when in public transport, there are many losers out there who are just to please to help enlighten your baggage.

In fact, i've receive an e-mail where it teaches you how to lock your mobile in case it gets stolen. Even though you wouldn't get back the phone, but it's somewhat comforting to know that the thief can't use it either. Anyone who wants me to forward it to them, let me know, i'll be happy to do so.




This cool dude from planet shakers is suffering from cancer and technically doesn't has long to live. He was dianogsed with it last year. But i received this news only just recently. The doctor gave him just 9 months to live but 10 months+ on, here he is, still living for Christ!

Lets continue to pray and believe in an awesome miracle!

Check out 'Healer' which he wrote. We sang it in Acts church the other week and I was tremendously blessed by it.