And We Go: "All Week Long...."

Before shooting/butchering me, I have a valid excuse for not updating this blog okayyy. My apartment has officially cancelled our internet account. Too many people moving out la. Thanks no less to JPA. So, this will be a rather long post. If it's any comfort to you, most of it is in pictures.

Basically, these pics were taken from last saturday to friday.

Uncle now has a cat named Orange.
Went to Aunt's church on saturday for the concert. Wasn't PlanetShakers after all.

The church has a nice cafeteria on the 2nd floor. Quite a number of youths too.
They had around 7 bands performing on the night. This is eternal band playing J-rock. My favourite band from the night.

Some guy doing a drum solo.
Pictures from that night weren't clear. I was sitting near back and had to focus in a lot.

G3. Heavy shredding and riffs involved. Not my particular style, but they played alrite.
On sunday, the Y.E.S 08 alumni gathered together for a spot of BBQ and to celebrate the birthdays of Beatrice and Wai Chi.

With the 2 birthday girls.

Monday, went to the oh so very deserted Times Square with Nick, Eli, Joyce and the two Daniels to catch the movie 'Jumper'. Sucky storyline though.


When you take pictures of Nick, its either:
1) His face will turn out blurry
2) Hand/s always doing some sign.

As evident.
Not sure about this sign.
Let's focus on Nick's face. Oh waittttt, it's moving.

Daniel Loo apparently has a phobia with girls getting too close to him.
On wednesday, went to MV for 'Vantage Point" with Nick, Emily, Wai Chi, Joyce and Justin. Much better compared to 'Jumper'. I think Wai Chi wasn't particularly fond of the repeating angles though. =P
If there is one complain about the movie, it's the way too heroic ending.
ELIZABETH, I think you'll find the pictures below very nice. :p

A random picture I took while walking back from the KTM station with Mas and Ling on friday night after yet another movie. This time it was 'Step Up 2'. This one turned out quite good. Went beyond my expectations.
Lectures starts on Monday and I can't wait. Too much bumming around for me.
That's all for now. ManUtd's match has already started.
Cheers for now.


Thrills And Frills

Mustaffa 6 - 3 Joash

Joash, 6 - 2 Mustaffa, 
Ismail           Guy with glasses

Right....clothes washed, luggage not pack, I guess I'm all ready to head back to PJ. Woot! Woot!

Being bumming my ass off this past 3 half months and to be honest am itching for 2nd sem to start. Many mates will beg to differ I know. I miss my racquet ( Pap's actually, but taking into consideration his pending (or impending) retirement from tennis, I deem it mine. heh.)
which the brilliant me left back in the apartment.

Sem 2 starts 3rd March and main reason being back so very early is for the bbq on sunday organised by the Y.E.S 08 alumni! WooHoo....and we'll be celebrating 2 very special birthdays :p

And I now have a camera! It's actually our family's old one la, but they bought a new one, so I'm bringing this back. It's a Canon Powershot A530. 

Yea, it's just 5 MP with 4 optical but it's more than enough for a noob like me. Still in the mist of experimenting with it, so no promises! When I get
back to college though, this humble lil' cam will have to 'kow tow' to Rubee's DSLR Nikon D40x. But then again, I'm not as crazy on taking pics as Bee is. I think. 
Anyway, bee has promised to let me toy with hers, so I'm NOT jealous. heh. I'm not okay!!

Anyway, will be attending a concert over at Aunt's church 'Next Generation Harvset Church' with a showcase by musicians from the PlanetShakers team. That's what I heard anyway. Here's a poster grabbed from the church's web.


Latest Score And Update

Matches played yesterday over the crumbling surface of the complex.

Joash 7 - 5 Mustaffa
           6 - 4


Sports In Shorts

Joash, Mustaffa,
Mazlan 0 - 6 'Cikgu'

Ismail, Mustaffa,
Mazlan 2 - 6 Joash

Man Utd tore apart league leaders ARSEnal in an one sided encounter over at the Theatre Of Dreams. The gooners simply couldn't cope with
the raw pace of United winger Nani as he scored one and had a hand in the other 3.

Darren Flecther scored 2 poacher headed goals while Roo made up the goalscorers list. This is simply the perfect response from United who
had in the past week suffered what many thought were a morale sapping loss to Man City. Evidently, United aren't about to let a defeat get under their nerves and this victory is the exact kick-in-the ass the critics needed.

With arch-rivals Liverpool being knocked out earlier by championship side Barnsley (bless them), Manchester United fans are celebrating what is perhaps deemed a double victory.

Here's a question :

Q: You're trapped in a room with a Lion, Cobra snake and an Arsenal Fan. You have a gun with
two bullets. What should you do?
A: Shoot the Arsenal Fan. Twice.

*There's Only One United*

Pssssstt, No.7 and Tevez weren't even on the pitch.


Shirley (If you look real close enough, the girl with the red circle round her face), has left for kiwiland on the 10th of February. I only gotten this picture from Aunty Ivy yesterday during home cell cny clebration, so am posting it now.

Shirley if you're reading this, take care in NZ, get those results you wanted and all the best in your efforts to 'understand the local culture'. :p

Cheerio and oh, learn the haka and be a good instructor when you're back yo?


The updated score line.

Mustaffa 6 - 2 Joash Wee
                  6 - 0

In other news,Mustaffa has shown no mercy to the aging Joash Wee in the final of the Ramly Burger Open held at the Tanjung tennis club today.

Mustaffa completely annihilated the player once considered the best in Taman Mas Ria.

The match started brightly enough for Mr. Joash. Almost breaking Mustaffa's serve before a strong comeback from the latter, both player's
held serve at 2-2. Alas, it was a total wipeout from that moment on.

Mustaffa proceded to win the next 10 games and from then on, it was almost too humiliating to watch. Even for the neighbouring monkeys.

If there's one piece of good news for the veteren, his serve remains as good as ever as he managed to blast several aces past his hapless opponent. (=

There's still hope for this aging gentleman.


The V Word + P

To those of my friends who have reason to celebrate :


I couldn't find the colur pink, but I figure this is close enough la.
And to those who are still in single company,

WELCOME ABROARD! You're in good company. :p

The name Valentine,
so very sweet and meek,
For lovers all around the world,
right to the kiss-on-the-cheek,
Now to those who are single,
fret not I would say,
Because at the end of the day,
we don't have to Pay!
Now this little poem,
is nonsensical some might say,
But I'll dedicate it anyway,
To all who come my way!



Ryan, Chris, Kevin And The Keys


Met Uncle Venu, Aunty Sze and the boys after soooo long. I figure it's been nearly 4 years since i last met them. But the 3 guys look rather the same since I last met them, to be honest. It's just a shame Man City had to beat us on that day though, hardly good news for the 5 Man Utd fans in the house.

It's just a pity they could only stay for a night though, it would've been great if they could have stayed just a lil longer. Then we'll be hearing more of their jokes and Ryan could teach me the piano! He's a great pianist.

But thankfully, I'm picking that up! The piano part i mean. I mean, knowing the guitar definitely helps me. So now at least I could learn by myself without bugging people. Ahh, I especially love the sound of the piano during altar calls. There is Absolutely Positively no other instrument in the world that's as soothing and 'emotional' (if you know what I mean) as the piano. Even the guitar! Haha. And that's the primary reason I'm picking it up. One personal ambition (not so personal now i guess!) is to play the piano during P&W (Praise and Worship).

And! I have a liking to R&B voicings on the piano. Sounds great compared with just the normal 1-3-5 voicing. For an example, listen to any of John Legend's playing. Awesome stuff there.

Anyway, This is a pretty slow moving post so I'll just end with 2 videos from YouTube. Both is from the same guy and He worships by playing the piano. Do watch it. Just imagine it's altar call and this music is being played. Hah. Sweet stuff.



So, with the celebrations done with and entering into a new week, I guess everything's heading back to normal. Back to life I guess. Here's a few moments captured during the Cny period.

Grandma bought 2 very red lanterns this year.

Celebrating Jeremy's burfday with yet another Lemon Cheese cake.

Reunion lunch at grandma's. We were being carnivors this year. Give me a buzz if you manage to spot any vege in the pic.

This is NOT me. ;) Joel stole my sunnies!

I have no idea what Jasher is doing.

Now moving on to malacca. Taken during the first day celebrations. That's my Ah Kong. Really love and respect him.

With my cousin Jaya. He wanted to me to tell you guys that he's an Indian from Bombay. haha. Whatever that means la.

With Jonathan, Joel, Joanne. They're siblings btw. When we were young, people were continually saying how alike me and Joel were. But I think that in the Wee family, we all have quite similiar resemblances with each other.

Some of us together. There are way MORE of us than this okay...Ah Kong has 10 children. So you do the maths. (=

This 2 dudes are my nephews Calvin and Cayus. Shit, I feel old just saying it.

This is an actual picture I tell you! I wanted to have a pic with Jasher and Joel when my cell rang. Then Jasher started his thing again la.

Good grief. I won't elaborate more on this.


I'm very proud of this! This is the Macro technique Elizabeth has been painstakingly trying to teach me during Y.E.S.

Moving on to the second day. A few pics I took when we visited Uncle Johnny's place.

A few of us cousins again.

This is Carene. My niece. Yeah she's Calvin and Cayus' sister. She's really cute! But I seem to frighten her. haha. But she warmed up when I asked her to pose for pictures (=

Over at Uncle Albert's place, Calvin and Cayus were busy playing 'dong dong chiang' (Lion dance). They even had a miniature Lionhead complete with cape and a percussion to dance along to! You can see the percussion at the corner of the pic.
With Calvin. He's a little cheeky once you get to know him! :p
Cayus has nice dimples! Just like ME.
Nice effect! But in actual fact it's just Calvin using his 'dong dong chiang' cape to disturb.
That's about all! We salute you for following the pictures all through!
Continue rocking and continue to eat those cookies!
To all those starting work and classes, break a leg! =)
Good night everyone!