Dug This Up

Decided to post this up. Found this lost post among the other posted ones. Given the not so encouraging status of my rosak lappie, with all pictures stored in it, it may be awhile before I can dig up some decent enough pics. But then again, there're some in my mobile...

Snowy and Cheryl. Both have since gone to Adelaide. I'll miss Snowy's randomness.

Dinner at my coll's restaurant. It's where the students undergo their training. From the pic, you can see (or not) the trainee making dessert for us. Fried mango (You better believe it..)

My camwhoring skills is impeccable. If I say so myself. NOT!

This is me at my sweetest. :s

Okayy, I actually posted up an emo post below the above pics. But since blogger decided to magically delete the later part of my post when i posted it up on the first try, I decided not to bother anymore.

But yes, I'm emo today. Or whatever term you may coin it la if 'emo' is too lala or overused for you.

I've always wondered, which emot is suitable when your heart is heavy? Because it doesn't HAVE to be :( you know.



And There Goes My Laptop...

It's been a good four + years. And it is the HD no less that is acting up.

Just hoping that I can recover my files.

To all: Back-up your files and documents! If you know what's good for you...