Tabur, Tabur..

So I went to Bukit Tabur. Being set smack in between construction works and the like and nature in its raw beauty, it was a sight to behold.

Go for it! With plenty of exercise in store, good company and nature all around you, what could be better?

Just a few pictures to whet your appetite (:

The better quality pics are from Ivan. Me only use mobile la.

Having breakfast. Yeah.

Ivan with his D80.

The boys taking a breather.

Seriously, you would not want to take this plunge. A sheer drop. Nice shoes there eh? You should see it now. With mud on it and some parts peeling off ):

One of the few cliffs we had to cross. So you get the idea la. hahah.

Took this at one of the summits. Its amazing to find such a delicate thing of beauty in the mist of sand and grub.

Apparently the festivities were held up here as well.

Sean and his sexy leg(s).


Sorry ah, last picture not clear. Scaled it down A LOT.

Seriously, go for it guys. It's worth the trip.

And I just found out Jamiroquai is coming to the circuit! Aww man! Should I go for it? Someone pleeease convince me to go! 


samanthacje said...

I THINK I can climb up but I doubt if I dare scale down..

jasmine said...

i climbed it too! but we climbed it at 430am and it poured halfway..so we couldn't really get the sunrise...hidden. and we din make it to the summit cos of the rain.haih.

And I rolled down a slope on one of the narrow paths but thankfully my fall was broken by a tree..brushed shoulders with paralysation?

Ying Xuan said...

go la...although i dunno who is that
if u dunwan to go,u wont in dilemma
so,follow ur heart la!

Joash Wee said...

sam: THAT was the hard part for me as well. we went after a bout of rain and the trek down was pretty steep and muddy at some areas.

jasmine: ah..im intending to spend a night at the summit. we'll see. psst, i slipped as well....

yx: my heart says go for it! hahah and i will. (:

PuDpudLinG said...

woah...the cliff looks more like a huge mountain for me!!!>___<
hahahaha..bt most importantly u had great experience from tat huh..cooL~~

Justin Yap said...

I would like to try that some day~it seemed fun!