This Just In...

You would think April the 3rd would be a good day for an April fool's joke.

On a light-hearted note, viewers were taken aback by what Youtube had to offer. That's why they remain the video-sharing site to beat. Click on the images to enlarge. Brilliant I must say.

And our Fed Ex has smashed a racquet! :o 

If it was Mr.Safin or Gonzo or even A-Rod, it woudn't have mattered much. But coming from him?! Now THAT's news. It's unheard of or rather unseen of to see Fed doing this. If it was before the 2003 season, it wouldn't have come as a surprise. But not so now.

Guess the pressure is starting to get to him. What with a new baby, Nadal and the young pretenders snapping at his heels. Not to mention it was an error against Nole that caused it. Gah.

But all's good. If anything, it's rather refreshing to see him actually show some fiesty emotion on the court.

Check it out.

The tossing bottles are just the icing on the cake.

And the clay courts are next. Ohhh boy.

09's tennis season is gonna be the best yet.

F1 qualifiying is today. I'm hoping for sunny skies. Will post up pictures if possible.

Expect a few more posts in the coming days. 


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