1st Week

Hello, hello! This blog is morphing into a sports blog I dare say. I'll post something more personal when I get my first dog or car. See how la yea? Anyways,

The biggest shocker of the week (Sorry, it's not the loss of Susan Boyle) would definitely be the defeat of Rafa to Swede Robin Soderling.

The score of 6-2, 6-7, 6-4, 7-6 certainly doesn't help Rafa's cause. His first defeat on the Parisian courts and thus ending his record 31 match-winning streak.

Nadal must be feeling a bit peeved. Looking at the history between these two players. You gotta check this video out!


And it doesn't stop there, our reigning lady champion is knocked out as well.

Ana Ivanovic is shown the exit by No.9 seed Victoria Azarenka. The 6-2, 6-3 scoreline says it all about the former World No.1 whose decline is ever evident since her victory one year ago on French clay.

Other upsets would be the Nole Djoker's loss to German No.29 seed Philipp Kohlschreiber.

And of course Mr.Safin himself. I was following his match with French wildcard Josselin Ouanna with interest. Ouanna another talented French teenager who posseses a good forehand. 

The final bow for Safin? Click.

And 'The Magician' Fabrice Santoro waves goodbye to the French crowd after a record-equalling 20 straight French Open appearances.

All in all, Fed Ex is in with a realistic chance of getting his career Grand Slam. Allez Roger!

And here comes Week two..

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suet said...

i agree that Federer is one of the most consistent players of all time & stands a chance to win this title... but my money is on roddick :)
maybe it'll be a final of the newlyweds ! hehe

Joash Wee said...

We certainly didn't expect Soderling to be in the final eh? ;)

Maybe A-Rod stands a greater chance on the grass courts where his serve will be more of a weapon.

And you watch tennis as well?!

suet said...

yes i do :)
i'm starting to like Soderling ! well maybe partly due to the fact that he played good tennis & beat Rafa, but mostly due to his charming demeanor :P

i just don't get why people claimed that he is rude & all ! his speech was so awesome when he congratulated Federer & called him "the greatest player in history" or something like that

& Roddick retired during the match with Blake !!! i hope his ankle is alright or else he is gonna miss wimbledon.. oh the horror :(

Joash Wee said...

well, he did have an awesome run in the tourney thats for sure. :)

and you're not a rafa fan? :o

i guess ppl claimed that due to some of the comments he made. But i'll put that as confidence and being straightforward. :p But he certainly looks a decent enough guy. and great speech of course. haha

As for A-rod, im hoping so as well. Just when he's on the rise...man!