Wimbledon begins today! From the 22 June till 5 July, expect tennis fans from all around to be glued to the telly as we witness the most significant and steeped in tradition tournament.

Fed begins his conquest against Taiwan's Lu Yen-Hsun at Centre Court with this being the latter's first time playing at the esteemed court.

Yen-Hsun himself having a story to tell of. Click here to read it all from ATP's Deuce Mag.

So will this be the place where Rog will achieve his unprecedented 15th Grand Slam? 

Montage taken from HC Foo's tennis blog.

Here are some pictures of both Marat and Roger preparing for the tournament. Maybe a repeat of last year's semis? I hope!

Taken off Wimbledon's FB page. Be a fan! 

And with me back in Muar, Astro is no longer an illusion.

Some key matches I will be looking out for:

Yen-Hsun Lu(TPE) v. Roger Federer(SUI) [2]

Daniela Hantuchova(SVK) v. Laura Robson(GBR)

Evgeny Korolev(RUS) v. Igor Andreev(RUS)[29] (Plenty of hard-hitting here)

Check out Wimbledon's official site for the latest in draws and updates.

So let Wimby begin!


Ying Xuan said...

nice! back to muar...
update me about the match la..haha! dun think i'll go common room and watch

Joash Wee said...

what?! not watch?!

please, do! :D

Ying Xuan said...

or u gimme the on9 tv link..i watch on9 la

Joash Wee said...

I sure will, provided they broadcast it. :)