Arsenal's draw with ManUtd. The highlights direct from Emirates Stadium..opps...I mean msn 

Oh. And mind the language. No mincing of words when it comes to football.

Tim and Bee's pre match analysis.

Just before half time, the Roonster scores a scrappy goal. But none of us cares, as long as it gets in. ManUtd 1 - ARSEnal 0.

Second half begins. Arsenal almost immediately grabs a goal through Mr prodigy-at Arsenal Cesc Frabregas. Nothing to shout about. Just a lax in defensive duties for the Reds.

THEN, Mr prodigy-at ManUtd Christiano Ronaldo scores in the 82th minute. Brilliant play by substitute Louis Saha who slids a killer pass for Evra to cross and Ronaldo to slot the ball home.

But then Rohini had to say a Jinx.

Soon after posting "I hope arsenal doesn't do anything", Gallas the gooner guides the ball home in injury time to hand Arsenal the spoils. 2-2. Dang.

Ro, Ro, Ro.

Comments came thick and fast.

Tim had a lot to share. A whole bloody lot.

We were in the mist of our final assignments. Coincidently doing an essay on Moral Panic.

On a side note.

A tribute to Li Ling and her balls.

Oh, and to all my Indian friends out there,
A VERY HAPPY DEEPAVALI!! Have a good one. ;P

It's absolutely thundering over at Ridz with all the fireworks blasting about. Reminds me of CNY. Raya this year was unexpectedly quiet.

Anyway, I could live with it. In fact, it sounds good.


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