Just to advertise for one band that's continually making boundary bursting music. I've always
been a
Switchfoot fan and had always like the fact that some of their songs requires me to listen twice before getting used to 'em. But they're good at what they do and they IMO rock much harder (and sound daintier) compared to all the boy,emo,bands-with-eyeliners bands out there. 

Opening acts are Love Me Butch and
ALTERED FREQUENCY!! Am really happy for the AF lads with landing this gig. The boys are making great strides in the music scene and deserves so! Now
if only their album would just hurry out of the production house!

I'm STILL clinging on to any hope there's left to go. But with me in Muar, I don't think this dream will materialise. But I'm refusing to let this gig pass me by just in this manner. No Sireee....

Oh, and for all the
Y.E.S readers, the pictures from my cam is up! CLICK !

The videos will be uploaded into Youtube. Will provide the link once completed.

Cheers and Great sleep everyone!

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