Hey! Hey! A blessed new year to all! 2007 has made it's final bow and it has definitely been one heck of a ride. A new day has arrived, a new era has dawned and 2008 is here to come!

I can attest that 2007 has seen it's ups and downs for me. I have lost a very precious friend which is tough to understand and accept, but God's ways are higher than my ways and His thoughts higher than it'll ever be than mine. Who am I to question? With each situation there is a purpose which though not comprehensible forthwith, will shine it's light in the mist of it all.

Sorrow may last for the night, but Joy comes in the morning! Veron, thanks for the memories.

A flicker of light, dawns up the room,
Smile like the stars, beams through effulgent.

God has blessed me with a scholarship even though my stpm results weren't exactly the cream of the crop. I did well, but there are many who did just as well, if not better. All I can say is : His timing and plan. In 2005, I trusted Him by entering form 6, delving right into the very affairs that I detest : Book studying, cramming facts that I'm not sure I'll remember 1 year down the line. I had the faith and believe that something good would come out of all this. What it was, I wasn't sure then. I enjoyed myself though, was given numerous oppurtunities, met new homies and matured a lil in the process too. And at the end of it, God deserves all the glory for giving me this scholarship.

Being in the area of communication has always been what I wanted ever since secondary school and I feel blessed to be doing just that now. And being under the Uni of south Oz is just another added bonus. I've finish 1st sem and am in the middle of summer break. A big sympathy to those out there just about starting a new sem. HAHA!

But to be completely honest, I'm actually missing college and all that comes with it. The assignments, wacky friends, not so wacky lecturers and the sometimes not-so-tasty food.

To all my friends out in Kl esp those in the subang/sunway region: I miss ya' all much and I'll see ya guys in march! I'll miss you guys all the more knowing that J.co has open! You lucky people....

To sum it all up, 2007 has been a year of lessons, pain, failures and in the mist of it all, rising up and holding on to the hope, blessings and grace of the Almighty. There is still much for me to learn and to adopt. Here's to 2008!

From me to all my beautiful and dainty readers :



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